Treatment of cholecysto-pancreatitis and cholecystitis with herbs and folk remedies, medication - medications, pill antibiotics, how to treat?

The plan for the eradication of this disease, usually includes a set of measures to improve symptoms, impact on pathogenesis and etiology. Positive results bring the treatment of pancreatitis and cholecystitis with herbs according to folk recipes. Use infusions and decoctions of sunflower, chamomile, buckthorn, calamus, mint. Brew as a sage and plantain, and dandelion, St. John's wort, motherwort. Kissel from ground sprouted grains of oats take fresh twice a day, choosing the first breakfast and lunch( 30 minutes before them) or lunch and dinner. The seeds are germinated for two days, the water should cover them lightly.

Drug treatment for cholecysto-pancreatitis

In the diagnosis of cholecysto-pancreatitis, treatment consists of several stages:

  • regimen and diet-effects on the etiology, creating better conditions for diseased organs( used as the main part of the course)
  • inhibitors - kantrikal and gordoks inactivate enzymes compensatepathogenesis of
  • metabolic drugs - methyluracil and pentoxyl inhibit the effect on trypsin tissue
  • analgesics - baralgin, analgin, relieves pain syndrome( both at times of exacerbationand for prophylaxis)
  • juvenile suppressants - omeprazole and cimetidine suppress acidity of gastric juice
  • enzyme medications - festal, cholenzim, pancreatin eliminate the deficiency of external secretion( allow to treat a complex of diseases)
  • sanatorium rest - prevention of cholecystitis crises

Activities allow to improve quality of life, combinewithout fail with a diet. In this case, the effect of therapy will be most complete. Nutritionists allow dietary supplements to reduce intoxication, normalizing the work of the intestines. Supplements should be approved by a doctor, most often, they use Lymphosan, phytotea, EPAM, PIC, Adaptovit, Vita preparations, "Living cell".

Surgical treatment of holistic pancreatitis

After diagnosis by modern methods( ultrasound, tomography), the attending physician determines how to treat pancreatitis and cholecystitis of a particular patient. The history of the patient's illness and life is studied, an important role is played by the condition of all organs, weight and age, sex. The most complex cases of cholecystitis require urgent surgery, others use ectomy, sanitation, drainage in several ways. Since the single algorithm is still not used, the experience of the doctor is decisive. The treatment of cholecysto-pancreatitis in the cleansing of the bile duct, removal or stones from the organ is concluded. Operations provoke exacerbation of the pancreas, a sharp progression of the disease of the remaining organ, experiencing an increased load.

Drugs, tablets, antibiotics for pancreatitis and cholecystitis

Drugs and tablets are prescribed by a doctor depending on the conditions of active bacterial reproduction, the need for normalization of outflow of pancreatic juice and bile to prevent their stagnation.

For pancreatitis and cholecystitis are appointed:

  • No-shpa tablets, Motilium, Meteopazmil, Buskopan, Papaverin, Galidor - with cholecystitis. They contribute to the elimination of pain and relaxation of the contracted bile ducts.
  • Cisapride, Eglonil is prescribed if there is evidence of excessive relaxation of the gallbladder, when it can not sufficiently contract to eject bile( symptoms of cholecystitis).
  • Cholenzim, Holosas, Chagolol, Liobil - contribute to increased biliary production.
  • When pancreatitis is prescribed antispasmodics, if it is necessary to remove spasm( Spasmalgon).For drug treatment of pancreatic gland hypersecretion( uneven gastric juice production) medications are prescribed: omeprazole, pantoprazole, famotidine, lansoprazole.
  • Creon, Festal, Pancreatin, Mezim, Pankurmen, Panzinorm, Digestal - prescribe for strengthening the digestion process. The composition of drugs include enzymes, which the body lacks in diseases with cholecystitis and pancreatitis.

Antibiotics for pancreatitis and cholecystitis are prescribed to suppress infections that contribute to inflammatory processes - Oletetrin, Bactrim, Biseptol, Tetracycline, Rifampicin, Sigmamicin.

Which doctor treats pancreatitis cholecystitis?

Cholecysto-pancreatitis promotes the appearance of inflammatory processes, as well as the insufficient intake of enzymes into the intestine. As a result of illness, the digestive system may fail.

With cholecystitis, serious complications often occur - stomach and liver diseases, and pancreatitis can cause even a diabetes type II disease.

The first symptoms of the disease can be accompanied by several symptoms( severe pain, nausea, loss of appetite, heaviness in the digestive tract).But for one symptom the final diagnosis is not made. Only after laboratory tests and examination of the doctor-gastroenterologist can the disease be diagnosed. Gastroenterologist thoroughly knows all the symptoms, signs of pancreatitis and cholecystitis, as well as the influence of their indications in relation to each other. The whole process of treating the disease depends on the experience of the gastroenterologist.

When diagnosing the disease in the first stages, a complete cure in a short period is possible. If cholecysto-pancreatitis develops into a chronic phase, treatment will be prolonged. In addition to medicines, physiotherapy and the use of medicinal herbs in the form of decoctions will facilitate the healing process.

If conservative medical treatment does not give the desired results, and in the gall bladder there is a significant amount of concrements, then surgery is performed. It is performed by a surgeon.

Treatment of pancreatitis and cholecystitis with herbs and folk remedies

In the treatment of chronic pancreatitis and cholecystitis, a special place is occupied by phytotherapy. After all, if the disease takes a chronic form, then long-term treatment is required. Medicines are not always able to give the desired result, as long-term administration can have a toxic effect. Medicinal herbs are not harmful to health, they can take a long time.

The most commonly prescribed herbs that have an anti-inflammatory effect. These include the root of a dandelion, corn stigmas, calendula, chamomile.

If there are stones in the gallbladder or ducts, then grasses are available that can dissolve the stones and change the chemical composition of the bile. Herbs for normalizing the peristalsis of the bile ducts will also be relevant here.

Enzymes of gastric juice stimulate the function of the pancreas, which during the period of inflammation should be at rest. Therefore, if the patient suffers yet gastritis with high acidity, then it is appropriate to prescribe herbs that reduce gastric secretion.

Traditional medicine recommends drinking lots of hot water with lemon juice( at least 10 glasses).The juice should be added to each glass separately. Effective will be the intake of freshly squeezed beet, cucumber and carrot juices( 1: 1: 2).

The dose and method of application of herbs and other folk remedies depends on the age and weight of the patient.

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