Bellataminal: instructions for use, price, reviews, analogs, composition

With a high degree of efficacy, the broad-spectrum drug with a sedative effect perfectly copes with many diseases of the nervous system, eliminating manifestations of depression, nervous breakdowns and symptoms of vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Positively affecting the quality and duration of sleep, this medication with sedative effect has proven itself as an opportunity to stabilize the mental state and eliminate unnecessary anxiety, negatively affecting the overall quality of everyday life. This article will tell you about the instructions for use and the price of Bellataminal, reviews about tablets and analogues of the drug will also be considered.

Features of the drug

The composition of the drug is maximally balanced, which allows you to get the most pronounced effect after a relatively short time since its application. Combined drug Bellantaminal is characterized by rapid penetration and the bloodstream and absorbed by the walls of the intestine, which increases its effectiveness even in severe lesions of the nervous system.

The drug has an obvious positive effect on the nervous system in its complex composition, with each component having its own manifestation:

  • phenobarbital neutralizes the negative impact of environmental factors on the brain, stabilizes the work of nerve endings;
  • ergotamine has some spasmolytic effect on the vessels, preventing their excessive contraction in nervous experiences and worsening of the circulatory process;
  • alkaloids of belladonna relieve the overstrain of the entire central nervous system, stimulating the soothing effect of the rest of the drug, has a pronounced sedative effect.

The ease of use of this drug allows you to start using it immediately after purchase, but high efficiency limits the range of individuals who can use Bellanthaminal.

Also, it should not be used by those whose work and professional activities are related to the requirements of accuracy and the management of complex mechanisms.

Composition of Bellataminal

The multicomponent formulation guarantees a pronounced result and its durability after the beginning of application for a long time. A few negative manifestations with the use of the drug allow us to call Bellantaminal one of the most popular in such conditions as deterioration in the quality and duration of night sleep, the emergence of feelings of anxiety, depressive state.

The composition of the sedative in question includes the following components:

  • active substance phenobarbital;
  • excipients - alkaloids of belladonna, ergotamine.

The combination of natural, herbal components and chemicals in the composition of the drug ensures its high efficiency.

Dosage Forms

The preparation in question is offered in the form of tablets. They have a convex surface, they have a yellowish upper layer, which dissolves rapidly when ingested into the intestine and further into the stomach. The tablets are distributed in a polymeric flat package of 10 pieces, in a carton pack of such plates 3 pieces.

Also in the package there is an instruction that prescribes all the nuances of the application of the remedy, and also notifies about possible side manifestations at reception, contraindications and methods of admission. The cost of the drug is fairly affordable: in drugstores the drug is offered at a price of 142 to 158 rubles per package.

Pharmacological action of

Rapid penetration and the onset of action of the active substance is due to the rapid absorption of the mucous membranes of all components of the agent. A feature of it should be considered the possibility of the most rapid removal from the body of the decay products of the drug, which allows not to overload the excretory system of the body.


The sedative effect exerted by each component of the drug, quickly and permanently reduces the increased excitability of the nervous system, eliminates signs of depression. The sleep is stabilized - this is an additional effect when using Bellantaminal, which characterizes the presence of an extract of belladonna in it.

The combined composition allows to obtain the most rapid manifestation of the action of the drug, reducing the negative effect on the body of chemical constituents: the plant components act more gently, without causing addiction and many side effects.


Derivation of decay products is carried out with the help of kidneys( urine removes the liquid fraction) and intestines( solid fraction).An allergic reaction with the use of Bellantaminal is likely only in persons who are highly sensitive to individual components of the remedy.

Below are the indications for the use of Bellantaminal tablets for children and adults.


So, from what does Bellantiaminal help? Since the preparation contains components with a pronounced sedative effect, Bellantiaminal can be administered with various lesions of the central nervous system and the presence of symptoms indicating a worsening of the peripheral nerve endings. The indications for the prescription of this drug include the following:

  • excessive excitability of the nervous system;
  • poor night's sleep;
  • allergic manifestations, especially with dermographic, cold, thermal, cholinergic urticaria;
  • frequent depressive conditions;
  • labyrinthite;
  • tendency to mood swings;
  • seasonal depression, characteristic of people with unstable psyche.

Excellent treatment was shown by the drug under consideration in the complex treatment of vegetative-vascular dystonia, during rehabilitation after concussion, with increased sensitivity to pain, irritability and frequent mood changes. It can also be prescribed for neuroses of a different nature, during menopause in women, in skin lesions of a nervous nature( eczema, neurodermatitis).

Instructions for Use

To obtain a pronounced effect and preserve it for a long time, all the doctor's recommendations for the use of the drug should be clearly observed. Dose and duration of treatment depends on the diagnosis, individual sensitivity to the components of the drug and the result of its reception.

  • So, with skin lesions of a nervous nature, the drug is prescribed 1 tablet 2-3 times a day, depending on the neglect of the process. Often, to treat skin lesions in parallel, an antihistamine drug can be prescribed. Duration of treatment can be from 2 to 3 weeks, then necessarily a break for 1 week, after which the course of taking the drug can be prolonged.
  • With neuroses, bad night sleep Bellantaminal is administered three times a day, the dose is 1-1.5 tablets. Duration of use of the drug -2 weeks, after a break( 3-5 days), the course is repeated.
  • In the process of rehabilitation of after concussion of the brain , the remedy is used in complex therapy along with restoring agents. The duration of such treatment depends on the results obtained, the dose is prescribed by the doctor;usually it is 1 tablet.


However, there are a number of situations in which this drug is not prescribed. Due to the complex composition, the effectiveness of its effect on the body is significant, therefore, it is not recommended to use Bellantaminal with high sensitivity to sedative drugs, with a tendency to allergies of various origins.

The following diseases and conditions are also contraindicated for the use of the agent in question:

  • glaucoma;
  • inflammation in the period of exacerbation;
  • for spasmodic events;
  • pregnancy and infant feeding period;
  • age to 18 years.

Along with the restrictions for the use of the remedy, one should also remember about the possible side effects.

Side effects of

  • In the treatment with Bellantaminal, the appearance of increased dryness in the mouth, a tendency to skin rashes of a small area, possibly an increase in drowsiness, the appearance of some apathy and sluggishness of muscles.
  • On the part of the gastrointestinal tract is likely the appearance of belching, dyspepsia and bloating.

Special instructions

  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the use of the drug is not recommended because its active substances are able to penetrate the placenta and breast milk and have a negative impact on the child.
  • It is also unacceptable to use Bellantaminal until age 18, when the human body is not yet fully formed and there is a heightened sensitivity to the components of the drug.

Interaction with other drugs

  • When combined with a drug-stimulating drug system, the effectiveness of this drug is noted.
  • Ingredients of the drug reduce the effectiveness of hormonal oral contraceptives.

Below are reviews of patients and doctors about the drug Bellandaminal.


According to most buyers, the drug Bellantaminal should be attributed to the most effective sedatives, which have a rapid impact even with prolonged depression of the nervous system, relieve stress and allow stabilizing the patient's psyche. At the same time, the impact remains for a long time.

Many, as an additional advantage, note the availability of the cost of the tool, as well as its ease of use. Increasing the effectiveness of taking Bellanthaminal in complex therapy makes it possible to quickly improve the condition.


Today on sale you can find several drugs of sedative nature, which can be called analogues of Bellantaminal. These include:

  • Reladorm, featuring quick efficiency and a wide range of applications;
  • Bellalgin, which has a similar composition;

The listed medicines have an affordable cost and are considered, according to the opinion of buyers, to be good analogs to the drug in question.

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