Diarrhea and cold sweat( sweating)

If a person feels nausea, diarrhea, sweating, severe cramping pains in the abdomen, pallor, weakness in the whole body, then this is a signal of poisoning, alcoholic or food poisoning. Emergency help in this case may be lavage of the stomach. At home, this can be done by drinking a large amount of pale pink solution of potassium permanganate and causing vomiting. After this procedure, you need to drink an absorbent. With food poisoning, which caused diarrhea and cold sweat, it is best to have several tablets of activated charcoal.

This condition can stop a person very quickly. But, despite this, a few days should sit on a strict diet consisting of their rusks, rice broth and oatmeal. Will help calm the digestive organs and tea from the flowers of chamomile or mint. But in the case of a stably difficult condition, when sweating and diarrhea do not stop, in addition, the temperature rises, without the help of a specialist can not do. Perhaps even placing the patient in a hospital. But such symptoms are manifested not only poisoning with drinks or food, but also ingestion of pathogenic microorganisms. Adequate treatment in this case, an expert can appoint only after the establishment of the virus that caused diarrhea.

Causes of diarrhea and sweating

Infectious poisoning arises as a consequence of intoxication due to absorption from the intestine and the bloodstream of poisonous toxins - the products of vital activity of pathogenic bacteria. In this case, the patient's affairs are much more serious. This form of pathology is not only difficult to diagnose, but it is impossible to cope with it without the help of a specialist. Symptoms of infectious poisoning are as follows:

  • Acute diarrhea and persistent vomiting;
  • Strong general weakness;
  • Cold sweat.

When these signs appear, the emetic urges should in no case be restrained, since the discharged masses contribute to the purification of the gastrointestinal tract from pathogenic microorganisms that have colonized it. Urgently in the home before the arrival of a specialist should wash the stomach with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. A patient with sweat and diarrhea caused by pathogenic viruses or bacteria must necessarily be hospitalized in the infectious disease department. Only there after the delivery of the necessary tests will be prescribed the correct medication. In the therapeutic technique, drugs and droppers are used that promote a more rapid recovery of the water-alkaline balance. After them, weakness passes, diarrhea ceases and excessive sweating stops.

Also, when poisoning through infectious bacteria or viruses, the patient must comply with a very strict diet, take antibiotics prescribed by the doctor and consume large amounts of liquid.the hospitalization of patients with this pathology continues for several days after the cessation of diarrhea and sweating. All dishes for patients with a toxic infection should be light and not contain irritating digestive tract products. Any person should also take preventive measures in order to avoid infectious poisoning:

  • Drink only purified, boiled or bottled water:
  • When buying products, it is necessary to check the expiration dates;
  • When preparing dishes from meat or fish, conduct a longer heat treatment;
  • After each visit to the bathroom or before eating, wash hands thoroughly. Best of all with laundry soap.

These simple precautions will repeatedly reduce the risk of symptoms such as cold sweat and diarrhea.

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