Treatment with proctitis candles and symptoms of colitis, list

The reasons for the occurrence of proctitis, you need to know because the treatment of various forms of the disease is primarily aimed at eliminating them. Of the medicines used antibiotics and sulfonamide drugs. Sedentary baths, enemas with various infusions, as well as warm perineal showers with the use of antiseptic solutions are carried out locally. Candle treatment is performed with many diseases of the rectal cavity, for example, with colitis. Why is it so rarely prescribed proctitis treatment with candles?

Candle treatment is an auxiliary, and is not always used. This is due to the fact that mainly proctitis is indicated in contra-indications to the use of rectal suppositories with analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic action, since the use of suppositories, especially having a laxative effect, can lead to irritation of the mucous membrane of the rectal cavity, which is undoubtedly an unacceptable factorwith this disease, so it is more suitable for colitis.

As has been observed by specialists, the inflammatory processes in the rectal mucosa have sufficient sensitivity to mechanical influences.

Candles for acute proctitis

Candle treatment for symptoms of acute proctitis is predominantly prescribed only for mild forms of the disease, since otherwise this remedy will cause a large irritant reaction to the rectal mucosa. In addition, indications for the treatment of suppositories may be the occurrence of constipation.

It should be noted that rectal suppositories are used quite often in colitis with constipation. This is due to the properties of such a tool. However, acute proctitis can, especially in severe forms, cause thinning of the mucous membrane, and in the treatment of suppositories its surface is damaged.

It should be noted that in some cases of proctitis, for example, with ulcerative and ulcerative necrotic form, the use of rectal suppositories is contraindicated because they have the property to cause such bleeding due to contact with erosion sites and damaging them. When colitis ulcer form, the use of rectal suppositories is also not required.

Candles for chronic proctitis

Among the classification of chronic proctitis forms, an atrophic type of disease is often frequent, when the rectiform mucous membrane begins to become substantially thinner and is easily damaged by mechanical action. This aspect is important, and therefore treatment with candles is contraindicated. In particular, this refers to rectal suppositories that cause the formation of gas bubbles. They have the property of increasing the pressure in the cavity of the rectum, which causes irritation of the receptors that are on the mucosa.

So, you can rarely see tips on using rectal suppositories for a chronic form of the disease, and this is due to the above reasons.

The prognosis of the correct and, most importantly, the outcome of timely proctitis treatment is predominantly positive. Preventative measures are reduced to eliminating the causes, and accordingly to the treatment of diseases, for example, colitis, which caused symptoms of proctitis. It is worth remembering that self-diagnosis and self-treatment is the first step in the wrong direction for diseases of any kind.

List of candles with healing effect:

  • Ultraprotect
  • Posterizan
  • Natalside
  • Methyluracil
  • Proctosan
  • Salofalk
  • With propolis and sea-buckthorn
  • Relief
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