Is it possible for Smect in case of constipation, can there be a violation of the stool after receiving it from a child( babe, newborn), what to do, if it helps with swelling in children and adults?

Such a drug as Smecta, when constipated in newborn infants, can help cope with the negative symptoms of this phenomenon. It can not be said that this drug is a panacea for all intestinal problems, but the parents' feedback on its effectiveness when taking children up to a year is more likely positive. He copes with such problems as colic, bloating, vomiting, intoxication. This remedy, due to its ability to act only on the organs of the digestive tract, is not absorbed into the blood and without causing side effects, is simply necessary in the home medicine cabinet of young parents. Very rare cases when an overdose of Smecta in a nursing baby begins constipation, skin rashes appear or the temperature rises. These side effects are not dangerous and should not scare young mothers. They quickly pass after the drug is withdrawn.

Many people are interested in such a problem, what if they have constipation after Smecta? In case of delayed stool, even in newborns, this medication can not be revoked completely, but simply dilute it with water or reduce dosage. You can also give kids more water to drink. Stop taking medication with difficult acts of defecation in a nursing baby completely pediatricians is not recommended due to the fact that Smecta is an excellent absorbent, which perfectly connects all the pathogens and toxins that accumulate in the intestines of children during constipation. Thanks to this action of the drug, you can quickly clean the digestive organs of babies from the viruses and bacteria that have colonized them. How to make the reception of this remedy completely safe and prevent its overdose? In order for Smecta to help with swelling and constipation in children, it should not only be properly cooked, but also given a drink.

In the event that there were no additional instructions from a specialist, the daily dosage of the drug for children under one year should not exceed one sachet. It can be diluted in 50 ml of warm water, breast milk, a mixture or juice. You can also add it to liquid fruit puree. A prepared remedy to give a drink to a newborn or an older child follows several techniques. If, in addition to constipation, crumbs are tormented by swellings or gases, taking Smecta in accordance with the above rules will also help. The safety of the drug for any problem of digestive organs in infants is due to the fact that there is no absorption of the drug into the blood.

Smecta in constipation in adults

Adult patients no less than children, suffer from gastrointestinal problems, in which intestinal colonization by pathogenic microorganisms occurs. What to do in such cases? They can also recommend a drug like Smecta. The only thing to consider is contraindications. Categorically, treatment of Smecta with severe constipation and intestinal obstruction is not recommended. Therapeutic measures, which with the help of this drug are carried out during violations of acts of defecation, are allowed only after consulting a specialist.

The duration of treatment and dosage depends only on the severity of the intestinal infection and the intensity of intoxication provoked by it, so only the attending physician can select them for adult patients. Depending on individual indications, use Smecta or once, or by a course, 3-5 days. It is the appointment of a specialist, depending on the condition of a particular patient, that will prevent the development of severe constipation from this drug.

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