Diarrhea every day in an adult, a loose stool once a day and every hour, why diarrhea daily, the reasons for what to do?

Any person can have such an unpleasant phenomenon, like diarrhea, which occurs one or several times a day. It does not stand out as a separate disease, but is a sign of various pathologies. In some cases, the acute form of this disease, not backed up by other severe symptoms, is amenable to self-healing in a fairly short period of time, but if diarrhea begins every day in an adult, this indicates that the pathological dysfunction of the intestine has passed into a chronic form. In this case, a specialist is required to eliminate it. Only carrying out certain studies will allow the doctor to most accurately establish the prerequisites that provoked daily diarrhea and most fully answer the patient's question, why he has diarrhea every day and what to do about this problem. The following reasons may provoke a daily liquid stool in an adult:

  • A non-infectious form of pathology in which acts of defecation with watery excrement do not occur 2-3 times a day, but almost every hour, and may have bloody inclusions in it, occurs in diseases of the pancreasor severe intestinal pathologies;
  • Frequent diarrhea provokes and infectious pathogens, which include viruses( rota- and norovirus), bacteria( salmonella, E. coli, Shigella) and parasites( microsporidia, lamblia, dysentery amoeba);
  • Diarrhea every day can occur and with problems of the small and large intestine;
  • Regularly, almost once per hour, such a functional disorder can manifest itself in irritable bowel syndrome.

All these cases require immediate medical attention to identify the underlying causes of this symptom and prescribe adequate treatment.

Causes of daily liquid stool

Sometimes patients ask a question and why the strongly softened stools, not accompanied by additional symptoms, appear occasionally. Single unformed feces are not dangerous even if such diarrhea occurs every day. If a healthy person who appears once a day is not watery, without mucus or bloody impurities, and is not accompanied by painful sensations and vomiting, there may be several prerequisites:

  1. A sign of inaccuracies in nutrition. Most likely, a patient with such a problem consumes a large number of vegetables and fruits, which not only help dilute the stool, but also make it completely unformed;
  2. Also, once a day, softened bowel movements may appear due to abuse of laxatives or other medications taken without prescription;
  3. Diarrhea may appear every day due to psychosomatic causes. These are constant stresses, fears, "running away from oneself."All this can provoke a disruption in the work of the whole organism;
  4. Pregnancy, especially on late dates, is also in most cases accompanied by diarrhea that occurs every day. This pathological symptom appears due to hormonal failures in the body and the increasing pressure of the enlarged uterus on the abdominal organs;
  5. Also an answer to the patient's question, why does he have diarrhea daily, and the feces occur more than once a day, and almost every hour, is chronic alcoholism. Here the patient's question about what to do in this case, the answer will be unambiguous: frequent diarrhea will only happen after the patient refuses from the addiction.

Diarrhea that occurs every day is characterized in all these cases by the release of liquid feces only in the morning, and the rest of the time the stool has a normal or slightly softened consistency.

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