Treatment of chronic and sensorineural hearing loss with traditional medicine

Hearing loss is a pathology that is accompanied by a decrease in hearing. It often develops in the elderly, but sometimes it affects young patients. To minimize the negative processes and stop the development of the anomaly, you need to start treatment of the disease on time. In this case, good results can be achieved by popular methods of treatment.

Causes of hearing loss

The hearing loss may be congenital or acquired. The first group includes anomalies associated with a violation of the intrauterine development of the hearing organs in the fetus.

These problems are caused by viral infections that occurred during the child's bearing. Also, congenital hearing loss often results from the use of alcohol or antibacterial drugs by a pregnant woman.

Acquired deafness is caused by infectious pathologies - influenza, meningitis, scarlet fever. It can also result from the effects of chemicals on the body or drugs.

Treatment of hearing loss folk remedies

To cope with this violation with the help of folk remedies, you need to establish the form of the ailment. So, to eliminate conductive hearing loss, you must cope with the underlying pathology, which caused the loss of hearing.

In some cases, only the surgical intervention will help to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, before you start using home prescriptions, you should get a doctor's consultation with .

Traditional medicine offers a variety of effective tools that can significantly improve hearing:

  1. Compress of juniper and rye flour. To prepare the product, you need to take a glass of flour, add a fifth of the ground seeds of cumin and juniper fruit. On the basis of this composition, knead the dough and cook bread from it. With hot baking, cut off the crusts and moisten them with 70% alcohol. Then at night you need to make a warming compress. Such therapy should include 10 procedures.
  2. Application of an onion. For this procedure, you need to take a slice of onion and bake it in the oven a little. Then wrap it with a cotton cloth and place it in the ear canal. Leave the compress for the night, and in the morning to extract. In this case, it is recommended to inject 2 drops of onion juice in the nose, first mixing it with water 1: 3.The course of therapy is 3 weeks.
  3. Infusion of bay leaf. To make it, mix a large spoon of crushed raw material with half a cup of boiling water. Constantly strain and inject 3 drops twice a day. To treat the given composition with a deafness is recommended 15 days.
  4. Oil with a laurel leaf. To make this product, 3 large spoons of raw materials should be mixed with a spoon of sunflower oil and cleaned for a couple of weeks. The filtered composition is injected into the ears with 2 drops. This is recommended to do twice a day. Also, oil must be treated in the area of ​​the temples and ears. Such treatment should last a couple of weeks.
  5. Propolis tincture. This product can be purchased at the pharmacy. It is recommended to inject 2 drops into each ear. This is done 3-4 times. Also, the composition can wet the gauze turunda and put it in your ear for a couple of minutes.
  6. Oil droplets. To make them, take a small spoon of propolis tincture and add 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Then it is recommended that the product is poured into a small container and shaken for a couple of minutes to obtain a uniform composition. In the resulting product, moisten the turunda and squeeze a little. Place in the ear canal before bedtime. Such treatment lasts a couple of weeks.

To cope with sensorineural hearing loss, funds should be used to improve circulation in the ear region. Also, drugs are used to normalize rheological characteristics of blood and metabolic processes in cells. The most effective compositions include the following:

Drops of baked onions. To do this, you need to take a small bulb, clean and make a groove. Put a small spoonful of cumin in it. Bake the resulting product in the oven to make it brown. Cooled onion and squeeze the resulting juice into the ears for 3-4 drops. Do this three times a day. Such therapy should last a month.
  • Drops of garlic. To make them, you need to mix the juice of garlic with olive oil, and the proportion should be 1:10.The prepared composition should be poured into a glass container and shaken to obtain a uniform consistency. Introduce the agent 2 drops twice a day. The course of therapy is 3 weeks.
  • Chinese gymnastics

    Chinese scientists offer people who suffer from hearing loss, perform special exercises. The complex was named "Heavenly Drum".To perform it, you need to do such movements:

    1. Close your ears with your palms.
    2. Three fingers to knock on the back of the head - this should be done 12 times. In the ears appears a sound reminiscent of drum beats.
    3. Again, close your ears and quickly remove your palms. This exercise should be performed 12 times.
    4. Place index fingers in the ears and turn clockwise. This must be done three times. The same number of movements are carried out and counter-clockwise.
    5. Quickly get your fingers.

    Gymnastics for hearing restoration in our video:

    It is very problematic to fully manage the hearing loss of folk remedies. Achieving improved hearing is possible only at the initial stages of development of hearing loss. If the disease is neglected, it is necessary to consult a doctor. After a thorough examination, the specialist will select the treatment. Folk methods can be used as an addition to traditional therapy - this will help to increase its effectiveness.

    Bradyacuasia is a serious problem that can be progressive and significantly reduces the quality of life. To improve the prognosis of the disease, you can use folk remedies. However, before using them, consult an otolaryngologist.

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