Diet with uterine myomas: useful and harmful food, menu

Since miomnye processes occur in the uterus under the influence of changes in the hormonal status, the woman with the help of adjusting the diet can achieve normalization of the hormonal background, which will favorably affect the clinical picture and treatment of myomatous processes.

The development of myoma occurs usually with estrogen excess and progestin deficiency, and the use of certain products can bring the content of these hormones to normal.

Simple dietary rules for uterine fibroids

The main purpose of the dietary diet for myomatous tumors in the uterus is to prevent further progression and growth of education, as well as the prevention of malignancy of the myomatous process.

There are no strict restrictions on nutrition with myomas. This is not even a diet, but following the principles of healthy and proper nutrition, which contribute to the strengthening of women's health to further combat pathology and increase resistance to stress and depression.

The basic rules that should be followed when compiling a daily diet are:

  • It is compulsory to include in the everyday menu products that inhibit the development of formations and have antitumor activity;
  • Daily daily intake of mineral, vitamin and nutrient substances must be provided;
  • Avoid too high-calorie and fatty foods, which is too heavy for the body;
  • Eat more foods with antioxidant activity;
  • Enrich the diet with such foods and foods that have the ability to reduce cholesterol and restore the metabolic processes;
  • Afternoon and evening time is recommended to reduce the use of liquid in order to avoid edema of the uterus;
  • Only fresh and freshly prepared dishes that do not contain preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients;
  • To exclude from the cooking process the use of fats and oils;
  • Observe 4-5 meals at one time;
  • The drinking regime is about 1.5-2 liters of water;Daily eat more fresh vegetables, fruits;
  • Do not eat late at night, because the stomach does not have time to digest food before sleeping;
  • Do not overeat, obesity is one of the factors provoking the development of myomatous processes.

Useful food products

There is a group of products that have the maximum benefit for women with uterine myoma and are a priority in compiling a daily diet:

  1. Nuts. Use them at least a day, they will provide the body with valuable monounsaturated fats and fiber;
  2. Bran. This is an indispensable source of fiber, which helps reduce the concentration of estrogens. Fiber, wheat grains, bran bread, brown rice, whole grain bread and bakery products are also rich in cellulose;
  3. Seafood. Seafood is particularly rich in omega-3-acids, salmon, sardine, mackerel, herring or tuna fish deserve special attention;
  4. The positive effect of linolenic acid on the body in patients with tumoral processes has been proved. Especially rich in the content of similar acid dairy products ;
  5. Every day you need to eat as much vegetables and fresh fruit as ;
  6. flaxseed has an incredible benefit, which you need to eat 1-2 spoons a day. They contain a large number of plant-derived anti-estrogens;
  7. The green tea has a pronounced antitumor activity. Daily use of green tea( no less than 4 glasses).Spices, garlic and seasonings also have a similar effect;
  8. It is necessary to saturate the body daily with vitamins , because they are able to regulate menstruation. In the first phase of the cycle, it is recommended to consume B-group vitamins. They are rich in liver, nuts and fruits, citrus fruits, asparagus, spinach, meat and fish, parsley and peas. In the second period of the cycle, a diet should be based on the consumption of tocopherol, ascorbic acid and retinol( vitamins E, C and A).They are rich in bran, spinach, broccoli, apricots and cream, salad leaves and kefir, carrots and eggs, sprouted grain, etc.

What should be excluded?

Specialists identify a separate group of products that are highly recommended for patients with myome. This:

  • Fatty cheeses;
  • Smoked meats, sausages and sausages;
  • Butter and margarine;
  • Fats refractory, which are contained in ice cream, confectionery creams, melted cheese;
  • Pastry, biscuits and cakes, pies and rolls;
  • Confectionery products like candy, chocolate, biscuits and cakes, cakes. In limited quantities, the use of marmalade, marshmallow and pastille is allowed;
  • Fatty varieties of meat and poultry are forbidden, but you can eat chicken breast.

Fast food, various convenience foods and fast food dishes have a mass of carcinogenic components, flavor enhancers, dyes and other chemical additives that provoke tumors.

Menu with myoma of the uterus

For orientation we offer you an approximate menu for women with miomics.

  1. For breakfast it is better to eat porridge buckwheat, wheat, oatmeal. For a change, you can add fruit to it. Cooking is allowed on both water and milk basis. From drinks for breakfast, it is recommended to have green or honeysuckle tea with honey.
  2. For the second breakfast you can have a bite with berries, apples, carrots, persimmons, peaches and a glass of kefir. At lunch, it is recommended to eat vegetable soups on chicken broth, boiled or stewed fish with a garnish of brown rice and vegetable salad. From drinks, you can also have green or rosehip tea. In a mid-morning snack, it is better to eat cottage cheese with berries or fruits, and drink kefir.
  3. For supper , patients with fibroids are ideally suited for baked fish or chicken breast, vegetable salad and green tea. If the appetite was played shortly before sleep, you can drink a glass of yogurt, eat yogurt or an apple and go to bed so that the body does not have time to understand that he was deceived and not fed. Importance is also given to the way of preparing dishes. Food should be steamed, grilled or multivarked, and fry is categorically excluded.

Similar principles of nutrition should be followed by patients after surgery to remove uterine fibroids. In addition, you should exclude low mobility and observe the drinking regime, then the myoma will not bother you.

It is necessary to avoid steam rooms and saunas, take sun baths and visit the solarium, you need to give up massage in the abdomen, waist and hips, be wary of physiotherapy and take hormonal medications.

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