Whether there is a diarrhea at an appendicitis a diarrhea after operation( excision), whether there is a liquid chair?

Modern man in his life has to face a variety of diseases. Some of them can be cured by taking a pill, and some require surgical intervention. It is to such ailments that appendicitis can be attributed. An attack of this disease can occur at any age. You should pay attention to diarrhea with appendicitis, as this is one of the main symptoms.

It should be noted that the signs of appendicitis may be similar to the symptoms of other diseases associated with abnormality of the abdominal organs. Nevertheless, paying attention to digestion and pain, you should immediately seek qualified help. It is necessary to pay attention to whether there is diarrhea with appendicitis, since this will help determine the form of the disease.

If there is a disorder in the stool. Most often the patient has constipation, but sometimes there is diarrhea with appendicitis, it all depends on the severity of the disease. As for urination, it is quite frequent. The color of urine is always dark. A change in the color of urine and diarrhea suggests that the person manifests appendicitis. In addition, the disturbance of the stool causes inconvenience, and sometimes painful sensations. The pain can subside. You need to know the answers to some questions that will help to determine the symptoms of the disease. For example, and how does the temperature change and if there is diarrhea with appendicitis?

Feeling the first symptoms, you should go to the clinic, because the disease requires immediate medical attention, but before sending it will take care of your liquid stool that there was no embarrassment in the hospital.

Diet for diarrhea and appendicitis

Often there are cases when diarrhea after removal of appendicitis does not stop. It should be told about this to the doctor. Most likely, the disorder of the stool is associated with improper diet.

If the operation has passed, without any complications, and the patient does not have diarrhea after appendicitis, the hospital discharge takes place after one week.

After the operation, the attending physician should prescribe to his patient a diet that must be adhered to even when discharging from the hospital. In the first 12 hours after removal, eating any food is strictly forbidden so that there are no complications. The diet is aimed at eliminating diarrhea and normalizing the digestive process.

For the next two days, the patient may consume:

  • Chicken broth;
  • Mashed potatoes;
  • Rice cooked on water;
  • Natural yogurt, but it is important that it is not fat and unsweetened;
  • Meat can only be chicken, and it must be boiled or wiped.

If, after appendicitis, the loose stool does not pass, you need to adjust the diet together with your doctor, perhaps one of the products causes digestive disturbances. When preparing a diet should take into account the preferences of the patient, as some people may have an allergic reaction to a particular product, as well as a sharp change in stool.

To avoid diarrhea after appendicitis, it is recommended to use:

  • The diet should consist only of fresh products that are cooked as cereal or soup;
  • Useful soups, purees, prepared from zucchini, carrots, potatoes or boiled rice;
  • You should also remember about liquids, as they will allow you to recover faster after removal. As a liquid, you can use herbal tea, natural juice, compote.

If you follow the diet then diarrhea after the operation of appendicitis will not bother, and the body will quickly recover.

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