Whether there are small black worms( helminths) at the person( child), a photo?

A glaive invasion or infection with a lower class of worms parasitizing a person is common, and they can occur in anyone, regardless of age and sex. Signs and ways to deal with them are known and at the sight of white or transparent worms in the stool of special anxiety is not tested. However, if the worms are black in the feces, then panic immediately begins. At once it is necessary to reassure that the very concept in regard to worms is "black", is incorrect, since such a color of worms, regardless of the type of parasites, does not exist in nature at all. However, the question arises, why do some people see black worms in feces?

Before you panic about such an unusual and disturbing color of parasites, you must first determine whether these unusual inclusions in the stool are actually helminths. Especially such displays are disturbing, if it concerns the child. Often, what is taken for small black worms, in fact, are undigested pieces of banana fiber. To check it it is easy, if in a chair of the kid dark threads and tochechki are motionless and if at the following hike in a toilet color of feces normal and these strings are absent.

At the same time, if there are symptoms indicating a helminthic invasion, it is necessary to conduct a study, making scraping on enterobiasis, coprogram and feces for helminth eggs. At the same time, it is necessary to conduct the analysis at least four times.

What are black worms from a human being?

The fact that the worms are black, staining from the color of feces. Changes in the color of the stool can be caused by both serious diseases and after using products with a strong coloring effect. It can be beets, pomegranate, prunes, grape dark shades, currants, blueberries or blood sausage.

Other products( meat, vegetables, fruits) are also possible in the menu, which stain the feces in a dark color due to the intensity of their color or insufficiently digested in the digestive tract. Dark-colored clusters can be the result of optical deception. After all, they do not exist separately from the environment and the presence of changes, for example, in the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, cause optical changes.

Black worms in a child on artificial feeding can be ordinary pinworms or ascarids, but colored as a result of dark-colored feces, as a reaction to the mixture, allergies to cow protein. In humans, black worms can be used when consuming fruits, vegetables, berries with a high iron content or certain vitamin preparations. Worms are also black when oxidizing gastric juices.

If, according to the results of the analysis, there is no parasites and the person feels healthy, then the black helminths may be the result of hypertrophied suspiciousness, when undigested food remains as parasites. In all other cases, it can be eggs, larvae and adults of known species of helminths, which have changed the coloration under the influence of external circumstances.

In the photo, black worms look intimidating, but in fact they are ordinary parasites, which must be combated with known methods. But even if parasites are a figment of the imagination or the result of alcohol intoxication, preventive measures in no way will prevent it. Careful preparation of products for use, daily change of linen, strict observance of personal hygiene rules, relieve the danger of invasion.

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