Do they die of diarrhea, is death from diarrhea possible, is it possible to die?

The phenomenon of diarrhea is most often found in a person's life, starting from infancy and ending with deep old age. Causes can be very diverse, from poisoning and ending with a reaction to stressful information. Sometimes it can be the desire of the body to get rid of an unusual product, and sometimes diarrhea is a sign of a very serious illness.

The mechanism of diarrhea development is associated with the inability for one reason or another to suck as much water out of the food as it passes through the colon as needed to form normal feces. Depending on what causes diarrhea, the symptoms differ. For acute intestinal infection, the

  • is characterized by an exceptionally liquid stool, which suddenly arose, with a strong odor;
  • abdominal pain and nausea;
  • fever, fever, chills;
  • lack of appetite, weight loss.

Bloody diarrhea can be a sign of malignant growths, ulcerative colitis. Usually, many people consider diarrhea not a dangerous disease, which can be cured at home. However, in some cases, death from diarrhea can occur if you do not seek medical help in a timely manner.

Do they die of diarrhea?

Diarrhea is primarily dangerous for complications such as dehydration. Death from diarrhea is most likely among such age groups as infant or among the elderly. Water is the nutrient medium for cells. Reducing the volume of cellular, extracellular fluid, as well as extracting water from the hematopoietic system and especially sensitive loss of water in the brain can lead to coma and death.

To die from diarrhea is possible due to a violation of water-salt balance, caused shock, arrhythmia and dehydration of the body. The diagnosis of "died of diarrhea" can be put under the so-called "traveler's diarrhea" if you start this disease. This happens with the use of poor-quality food or contaminated water, which causes infection with bacteria or infection.

Diarrhea accompanies such terrible diseases as dysentery caused by the Shigella bacterium, in which the intestine loses its ability to suck liquid. In addition, intoxication begins. Excessive water loss and poisoning of the organism especially of the child, can lead to the risk of dying for this reason. Answering the question, whether die from diarrhea, you can give a positive response, if you do not take timely measures to restore the water-salt balance.

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