Diarrhea in ARVI, diarrhea for colds in children and adults with vomiting, treatment in infants

Unlike other viruses, which the body receives immunity only once, the children can get sick several times during the year. Since the disease is viral, the child often has diarrhea in ARVI due to inflammation in the intestine.

Babies may also develop diarrhea with ARVI, since immunity has not yet been formed or transmitted too weak from the mother.

Intestinal disorders with colds have a debilitating effect on the children's body. In ARVI, a child often has diarrhea and vomiting, this is common in this disease. But frequent diarrhea is quite serious. After frequent attacks of diarrhea, there is weakness in the whole body and a rise in temperature.

It is important to monitor the child's well-being with colds with diarrhea, since the appearance of several symptoms of acute respiratory viral infection, including diarrhea, can adversely affect the condition of the body.

In addition to diarrhea in acute respiratory infections, high fever, difficulty breathing, coughing and runny nose can rise. If the temperature for colds is held by the child for more than three days, then you need to see a doctor.

For a child's organism, frequent attacks of diarrhea and vomiting for colds are very dangerous, since dehydration of the body can occur quite quickly. If you do not start treatment in time and allow the progression of dehydration, then this process will be more difficult.

Diarrhea in ARVI in adults

Despite the fact that diarrhea with colds in adults appears significantly less often than in children, this symptom along with diarrhea can cause complications of the disease in the course of progression. Diarrhea in adults can arise from a variety of causes, most often due to a digestive disorder caused by the presence in the body of various viral infections.

Diarrhea can provoke fever, weakness of the body. After this, there may appear symptoms of intoxication caused by vomiting and diarrhea.

Continuous vomiting after prolonged diarrhea is a symptom that requires immediate treatment, as in this case, dehydration of the body can occur very quickly with colds.

Also in addition to diarrhea, very dangerous body temperature, reaching 40 degrees with ARVI.In this case, it is necessary to urgently call an ambulance in order to lower the temperature and not to provoke a more serious form of the disease. In addition, there may be shortness of breath caused by respiratory failure in ARVI.

Treatment of diarrhea in ARVI

Treatment of diarrhea in ARVI can be carried out not only in the hospital, but also independently at home. This is permissible if there are no complications for colds requiring urgent medical attention.

When referring to a doctor, a specialist can prescribe different medications, the action of which is directed not only at eliminating the symptoms of ARVI, but also in combating their consequences. After prolonged diarrhea and dehydration, use special medicinal solutions that allow to restore the water-salt balance in the body and improve the work of the intestine.

With ARVI, which is not complicated by diarrhea, the treatment can be simplified. To do this, it is necessary to eliminate only such symptoms as cough, runny nose, fever. The main thing is to knock down the temperature after it has risen above 38 degrees.

As against a background of intoxication of the body with cold, frequent diarrhea occurs, it is necessary to give the child more fluid. Various rehydration solutions for colds help to avoid complications from dehydration.

For diarrhea in adults and children it is important to observe the right diet. You can drink decoctions of dried fruits, unsweetened tea. Also in the food you can eat porridges, which are welded on water without adding oil. Mashed potatoes and other mashed vegetables can also be eaten.

Breastfeeding has the best prevention of the disease - the use of breast milk. But even this is not a guaranteed protection against infectious and intestinal diseases. To protect the child from a symptom such as diarrhea, you need to comply with hygienic and sanitary standards for colds, and regularly clean the rooms.

In children and adults, the disease can occur when in contact with sick people, so this should be avoided. It is also important to keep the body toned, strengthen immunity to fight infections.

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