Vodka in the ear: can I drip on otitis, how do warming compresses

Diseases of the ear can affect different parts of the body. Excessive sound load, infectious diseases, trauma and various hypothermia become prerequisites for their occurrence. Often used for compresses, instillations or lotions vodka.

Vodka with ear diseases

Vodka has a powerful antiseptic property. Unlike medical alcohol, it does not burn, does not overdry the skin with moderate use. To use her steel for the treatment of ear diseases since ancient times.

With inflammation, a warm medicine was made from 6 ounces of egg broth, pink honey - 2 ounces, and a few drops of the best vodka.

The resulting mixture was poured or used for compresses. After the procedure, the sick ear was tied with a towel so that the cold air masses "the wound could not be damaged".

At what diseases are used?

Indications depend on how the composition will be used. For example, with purulent lesions( otitis), you can not do warming up, so doctors do not recommend making compresses. If there is a violation of the tympanic membrane, do not drip. They can burn the edges of a thin film, so the pathology will be overgrown for a long time.

Well helps with:

  • catarrhal otitis media,
  • of age-related hearing loss,
  • furuncles and skin lesions of the shell,
  • for some other diseases of the external or middle ear.

It is recommended that a doctor be consulted before using this folk remedy.

Compress of vodka on the ear

This compress will help relieve inflammation in the middle ear, has analgesic properties. This effect warms up well for 4 hours, so it is best to do the compress before going to bed. Before the procedure, you need to treat the skin near the ear with a fat cream.


Compress successfully copes with external and internal otitis. The indications are:

  • severe pains in the auricle,
  • crackles,
  • loud clicks,
  • noise.

The dressing reduces pain, affects zones that are as close as possible to the inflamed area, and gradually fights with the problem. Thanks to the warming and disinfecting effect, vodka compresses can be used for adults and children. They help with bruises, swelling, trauma. Extensive alcohol acts on the vessels.

How to do, how much to hold

For a compress you will need:

  • gauze,
  • polyethylene,
  • bandage,
  • cotton wool,
  • vodka.

Instead of gauze, cotton fabric or flannel cloth can be used. They are added in several layers. To make the fabric go around the ear, the slits are made. Then we impregnate the gauze with vodka. If after applying the compress there was a strong burning sensation( it is observed more often in people with thin skin), then the vodka can be diluted with water.

The gauze is replaced behind the ear, covered with cellophane. We put polyethylene and cotton wool on top. The last layer is a bandage or scarf. It is important to make the dressing so that all layers are firmly pressed against each other.

Depending on the problem, the procedure is carried out for 2-4 hours. For children's compress vodka must be diluted in a proportion of 1: 3.Some doctors recommend to put on a warm hat.

How to apply a compress to the ear


The compress is contraindicated in case of high body temperature, skin lesions at the points of contact with the compress, purulent otitis forms, various complications after the transferred illness. Some contraindications can not be detected independently, so it is recommended to visit a specialist and find out as much as possible about the treatment.

Drip vodka in the ear

Vodka drops in the ear are rarely used today, they prefer folk medicine lovers. Such drops can be used to warm up and simultaneously disinfect the affected areas in the ear.


It is possible to use vapors in the ear with otitis, when there is no discharge. The method helps to cope with pain, itching or shooting sensations. With furunculosis and other purulent lesions of the auricle, drops can be used for preventive purposes. This will not allow the puffiness of the auditory canal and the appearance of new foci.

Application features of

For a warming effect, take a clean pipette and dip it into hot water for a few seconds.

While the pipette has not cooled down, put vodka into it. For one ear, 2-3 drops are enough. Place the head so that the solution flows properly into the channel.

Inject the ear and cover it with a piece of fleece.

You need to lie down in such a position so that alcohol can begin to act. After instillation it is not recommended to take out cotton for a while and go out.


The main contraindications are:

  • appearance of discharge from the ear,
  • elevated body temperature.

Since vapors affect the eardrum, they can not be used in perforation.


This method of treatment is one of the most convenient. In the process, into the ear canal are inserted turundas, impregnated with vodka. You can combine vodka with propolis or other ingredients to achieve a more pronounced effect. Vatka or gauze, soaked in vodka, has a slight warming effect. Unlike drops, the fleece does not allow the alcohol to evaporate immediately, so the effect lasts long enough.

It's the easiest way to make turundum from a wadded disk. If you have ever done a turun for a nose, you should know that the product is being made on the same principle, but it should be shorter.


Almost any diseases of the ears can be treated in this way. You can use them to treat an open furuncle, with various forms of otitis and other inflammations. Turundas help especially well in the initial stages, when there is only stuffiness or noise. With sharp pain, turundas also help. You can alternate vodka and lidocaine to achieve an optimal and quick result.


Be prepared for the fact that with microdamages such a prolonged exposure to vodka can bring a lot of unpleasant sensations. Therefore, it is recommended to use turuns in the absence of mechanical damage to the ear. If the body temperature is high, then the procedure is best not to use.

The danger of self-medication

Vodka does not always help cope with treatment. It is best to dilute in the process with water. This will not allow the occurrence of burns. Today, there is a lot of counterfeit on store shelves, so this self-treatment will not only not relieve otitis, but can also cause burns due to the chemical elements contained in the drink.

Otolaryngologists remind: if the ear is ill, self-medication is unacceptable. There may be complications from the brain. In some cases, there may be complete loss of hearing.

Reviews on the treatment of vodka compresses in our video:

Prevention of ear diseases

Diseases of the inner, middle or outer ear require timely assistance. Only the right treatment with the use of modern medicines will not allow the development of relapses or the flow of the disease into a chronic form.

Do not forget to properly clean your ears, if necessary, get rid of sulfuric plugs. As a preventive measure is the timely cure of other diseases.

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