Is it possible to drink alcohol when taking heptral: compatibility, consequences

The Italian drug Heptral is recommended for cirrhosis of the liver, alcoholic hepatitis, refers to the most effective hepatoprotectors. At treatment by this preparation alcohol is counter-indicative, but sometimes the question on, whether it is possible to combine arises.

Properties of Heptral

Medicinal preparation Heptral is used for the treatment of the liver, improves hepatic parameters in chronic hepatitis, alcohol, drug damage, fatty hepatosis, and treats withdrawal symptoms.

The drug is available in ampoules with lyophilizate for injection, tablets in the enteric coating.

It is released only by prescription, exhibits properties:

  • antidepressant, increasing the viability of brain nerve cells, stabilizing the transmission of nerve impulses between neurons;
  • antioxidant, increasing the synthesis of amino acids necessary for building healthy liver cells;
  • regenerating, enhancing the rate of hepatocyte division, speeding up recovery processes;
  • cholekinetic, promoting the excretion of bile from the gallbladder;
  • choleric, stimulating intracellular transport;
  • is neuroprotective, reducing the risk of hepatic encephalopathy.


The active substance is admethionine, the therapeutic concentration is achieved after 6 hours. The half-life period is 1.5 hours.

Better bioavailability of heptral is observed with intravenous drip introduction. In the treatment of the liver, intravenous, intramuscular administration with switching to the administration of tablets is prescribed.

Bioavailability for intravenous administration is 95%.Much worse is absorbed by the drug in the treatment of tablets, bioavailability of the drug in tablets is 5%.

Features of

During treatment with hepatoprotective agent Heptral, it is necessary to monitor kidney function. Long-term treatment can affect the index of urea, creatinine, monitor the nitrogen content in the blood.


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When choosing the dosage, the doctor takes into account the existing chronic diseases in the patient, age, metabolic features.


Heptral is contraindicated in children under 18 years of age, is not used at the beginning of pregnancy, and is cautiously assigned to the elderly.

The drug is not prescribed for manic-depressive psychosis due to the danger of forming a manic condition.

Interaction of Hepral with alcohol

Heptral and alcohol do not interact, but this does not mean that they can be taken together. Alcohol destroys the liver, and Heptral restores the destroyed. The intake of ethyl alcohol makes the treatment of the liver meaningless.

Consequence of their simultaneous use can be increased cholagogue effect, and with stones there can be an attack.

This combination is not only a threat to the liver. Alcohol refers to depressants, and Heptral displays antidepressant properties. With the simultaneous reception may increase anxiety, agitation, there is a headache, dizziness.

Possible consequences of

The effects of combining the drug with ethyl alcohol are reflected in the state of the nervous, circulatory system, heart, liver, pancreas. The patient is confused, sleep is disturbed.

After taking ethanol with Heptral, one of the most severe forms of an allergic reaction - Quincke's edema - can develop. Alcoholic blow to the sick liver increases side effects, manifested by itching, rash.

On the part of the internal organs after such compatibility may follow:

  • phlebitis( inflammation of the veins), increased heart rate, hot flashes;
  • disorder of stool, internal bleeding, vomiting, colic, cirrhosis;
  • kidney failure.

Heptral has an antidepressant effect, which further increases the number of undesirable effects after simultaneous administration of the drug and ethanol.

Rules for admission

When taking heptral, the shortest course of treatment is 2-4 weeks. The intake of alcohol, even once, neutralizes the results of treatment, crosses out the efforts spent on treatment.

The drug can be taken after the body is completely cleared of ethyl alcohol. If enough time has passed after consuming alcohol, then Heptral will help to neutralize the products of the metabolism of ethyl alcohol, restore the function of the liver.

It is possible to determine exactly how much should pass between alcohol and the subsequent taking of a medicine, it is possible with the help of an alcohol calculator.

After drinking beer in the evening, the drug can be taken in the morning, if more was drunk, Heptral should be taken later.

To exclude the combination of ethyl alcohol and Heptral in the body, alcohol can be consumed 1, 5 hours after the medication. But whether to risk health, destroy it, everyone decides on their own.


Experience shows the effectiveness of heptral in the treatment of patients with hepatic insufficiency, gall bladder disease, liver cirrhosis.

Negative response from doctors about the possibility of combining the drug with alcohol, emphasize the effect of the drug on the psychoemotional state of the patient, the possibility of provoking depression, the development of manic state. Given this, it can be said with certainty that these substances are not compatible.

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