Diarrhea due to gallbladder, diarrhea with cholelithiasis and dyskinesia of bile ducts

One of the most important organs of the digestive system is the gallbladder. Unfortunately, many people suffer from diseases that are associated with this body. If the gallbladder gets sick, diarrhea will be the first sign. The patient also has nausea, icterus, nausea and a bitter taste in his mouth.

Diagnostics will determine which disease the gallbladder has been exposed to. It is possible to understand beforehand the diagnosis of which illness the patient suffers. This can be done by the form of diarrhea.

Manifestations of diarrhea due to the gallbladder

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to analyze the symptoms. Each disease, in addition to diarrhea, has its own specific symptoms:

  • Gallstone disease is caused by increased cholesterol on the background of a decrease in bile acid secretion. Diarrhea in cholelithiasis up to 10 times a day. This chair can be accompanied by a stench. Most of the feces have a light tint.
  • Dyskinesia of the biliary tract. Diarrhea occurs after eating food. Bile enters the small intestine between meals. Bile acids disrupt the absorption process, so diarrhea occurs with dyskinesia of bile ducts. Kal makes an unpleasant, rotten smell.
  • Chronic cholecystitis. The peculiarity of the disease is that diarrhea is constantly replaced by constipation. The liquid stool can have a mushy shape, while it has a fetid odor.

Proper nutrition for diarrhea from the gall bladder

To speed up treatment and get rid of diarrhea, doctors prescribe a strict diet to their patients. It is recommended to eat 5 times a day. It must be remembered that the food should be fractional, while the food should be chewed well.

Frequent consumption of food contributes to the timely outflow of bile, so that it will not stay in the gall bladder. Thus, you can avoid frequent diarrhea.

Patient during diarrhea can be consumed:

  • Boiled eggs, but not more than 4 pieces per week;
  • Meat of lean fish and animal;Cottage cheese and cheese. These products will be useful because of the high calcium content;Vegetable fats and a little butter. If you consume too much of this product, diarrhea can only increase, so you need to monitor the norm;
  • Vegetables that can prevent diarrhea, namely, beetroot carrots, zucchini, cabbage.

You should also remember products that are strongly discouraged, as liquid stools will appear every day, and gallbladder diseases will progress:

  • Fatty meats;
  • Salo, in any form;
  • Internal organs of animals;
  • Margarine;
  • Vegetables containing essential oils, namely onions, garlic, turnips;
  • For people suffering from overweight, it is best to exclude flour products from the diet.

Diarrhea due to the gallbladder is not terrible, if the patient will follow the diet prescribed by the doctor in charge. The doctor first conducts a survey to determine the cause of diarrhea, and also what kind of disease the patient suffers. After that, treatment and diet are prescribed.

Most often, with diarrhea, a diet is prescribed, products that contain magnesium salts, vitamins and fiber. Thanks to magnesium salts, the pain becomes weaker, digestion is established, and the liquid stool stops.

It's best to make an approximate menu, according to which the power will be supplied:

  • 1 breakfast. It is enough to use 160 grams of carrots, grated, 240 grams of milk and lemon tea. You can use different cereals to make porridge, but it's better if it's millet;
  • 2 breakfast. To satisfy a weak hunger, you need to eat 110 grams of dried apricots, previously soaked in water. Fruits are washed down with a decoction prepared from wheat bran. It is enough to drink one glass of broth;
  • Lunch.240 milliliters of oat soup with vegetables, about 110 grams of boiled chicken, 210 grams of cabbage cutlet. All is washed down with 210 milliliters of broth of a dogrose;
  • Snack. At noon, it is better to use fresh apples in the amount of 100 grams;
  • Dinner. To not load a stomach, it is enough to eat 140 grams of dumplings from cottage cheese and 210 grams of vegetable cutlets. Everything is washed down with tea or tomato juice.

Diarrhea prophylaxis

Almost every problem associated with the gastrointestinal tract arises from malnutrition. Every day, people eat large amounts of food, which causes a violation in digestion, thereby causing diarrhea, as well as diseases of the gallbladder.

To prevent liquid stools and gastrointestinal illnesses, you should monitor hygiene, as well as use only clean and boiled foods. Often a person can not resist not to eat fruit or vegetables, while forgetting to wash them.

It is best to purify your body. For this, freshly squeezed juices that are cooked at home are suitable. As ingredients, you can use strawberries, grapes, blackberries or black currants.

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