Is it possible to kill worms with soap?

Household soap a few years ago was the most common means of maintaining cleanliness in the premises, its solution was used to wash clothes, and the darkest piece with a characteristic smell - for washing the body. Today it was replaced with flavored cosmetics. It is increasingly used for washing clothes and cleaning the premises, but in vain! It has an excellent disinfecting property, rarely causes allergies and is an excellent tool for prevention of helminthiases.

This strongly alkaline substance has a harmful effect on helminths and their larvae. Since the difficulty of breeding worms, for example, in children is the risk of self-infection, laundry soap can be an excellent personal hygiene:

  1. In the morning and after each emptying, you need to wash away with a solution of it. This measure will help kill the worm larvae, which the helminth female has postponed during the night around the anus.
  2. Several times a day, after coming from the street or communicating with pets, it is recommended to wash your hands with soap.
  3. Personal hygiene products: sponges, combs and others should be washed regularly in soapy water. This will help prevent infection by various parasites.

Enema with household soap from worms

If the worms are already detected in the body, then one of the means to get rid of them is a procedure such as an enema with a soapy solution. Is it possible to kill worms with soap? No, adult helminths will not perish. But they will necessarily leave the intestine, if the procedure is repeated for several days. This solution not only flushes the worms out of the large intestine, but also removes toxins from the body and toxic products of the vital activity of helminths. And the above methods will not help you get infected again.

Before proceeding to treatment, it is necessary to empty the intestine and put a cleansing enema with a tablespoon of salt per liter of water. Next, put an enema with a soap solution. And then you need to perform a cleansing procedure - an enema with a few drops of lemon juice. Such a sequence will help not only drive out worms and kill their larvae, but also restore the intestinal microflora after exposure to an alkaline solution.

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