Treatment of alcoholism by the method of Gennady Shichko: the essence, steps, feedback and effectiveness

In 1980, the Soviet physiologist and candidate of biological sciences Gennady Shichko prepared for the party congress the report "Alcohol problem and the possibilities of its successful solution."A year later - the instruction "On the possibility of approval of sobriety in the XI five-year plan".These manuscripts were copied, handed over from hand to hand, used as a rare and effective recipe for getting rid of alcoholism. Today, the treatment of dependencies by the Shichko method is available in a variety of clinics and centers throughout Russia. Available for every person, regardless of social status and financial possibilities.

Treatment of alcoholism by the Shichko method

Gennady Shichko was a real Soviet scientist - he did not recognize any falsehood, did not believe in the success of hypnosis and coding for getting rid of addiction. Most of his life he spent on creating his own method for fighting alcohol dependence - the method of hormonal desalcocholism.

This method is based on self-action by word, scientific conviction, destruction of all negative attitudes due to the patient's firm position.

And there was such a method "thanks" to the unhappy fate of Shichko himself. During the Great Patriotic War, the scientist was wounded, and the surgeon who was supposed to operate the leg was. .. not quite sober. As a result, the operation was unsuccessful, the leg stopped bending, and Shichko promised himself to do everything to save people from terrible dependence.

Unites them all - all these programs are absolutely free. The method of Gennady Shichko is used in the framework of the movement for sober Russia, in clinics and centers with charitable foundations, churches. And nowhere for the therapy patients will not be assigned a price, everything is absolutely free.

The essence of the method

Treatment by Gennady Shichko is also called the method of humanistic psychoanalysis. The basis of the unique methodology is the theory of social programming. The physiologist assured me that in every person mother-nature laid the installation of a sober life. Reprogramming occurs after birth due to a variety of factors.

To change sober beliefs of a person( in childhood, adolescence and adulthood) can:

  • education;
  • family( parents and loved ones);
  • environment and friends;
  • media;
  • various installations received during life.

This whole scheme works very simply. Since childhood, the kid sees that relatives at the table are ready to drink, papa on Fridays lie on the sofa with a bottle or two of beer, as the growing circle of people drinking around grows. From the pages of books, from TV screens - everywhere it is told( albeit not directly) that alcohol is fashionable, stylish, beautiful. And gradually such a program gets stuck in the brain.


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The first use of alcohol for people usually becomes a disappointment - no beauty, style, pleasant sensations. But the program works, and the person uses again, because it is customary, so do everything. As a result, the defenses of the body for the processing of alcoholic poison are first weakened, then a psychic dependence is formed( the impossibility of relaxing without a glass of wine or a glass of something stronger), and then a physical one.

Steps of the program

To get rid of alcohol dependence by the method of Gennady Shichko, one important condition is that a person should want to stop drinking himself. The whole program is based solely on a powerful and continuous work on oneself. No pills, no external coding - just a purposeful fight against one's own dependence.

If a person is not ready to give up the deadly habit, the unique technique of Shichko will not help.

Those who firmly decided to stop drinking alcohol, you need to go through 6 steps of the program of Gennady Shichko:

  1. Photographing. It is difficult to find a way more effective than showing a person how he changed outwardly after giving up alcohol or other poisons. The photo is taken before the treatment, after 10, 30 and 100 days. A fresh complexion, a meaningful look, radiant eyes, a smile will clearly show what a person refuses from alcohol.
  2. Autoamnames. Here the alcoholic should fully, in as much detail as possible, draw up a report on his relationship with alcohol. Starting with the first use and until the last time. It is necessary to highlight all the surrounding events - the reaction of loved ones, your own feelings, expenses, problems at work, illness, etc.
  3. Maintaining a diary. Shichko read that the written word has an amazing power of influence on the human psyche. Especially what is written in the sibling state - before falling asleep. Therefore, all patients in the evenings should keep a diary where it is necessary to indicate all the reflections and feelings from sober periods, meetings with drinking companions, thoughts about alcohol, etc.
  4. Finding out the degree of self suggestibility. This can be done both independently and with the help of a specialist. Based on this, work will be carried out at the next stage.
  5. Self-expression. Depending on his own suggestibility, the patient makes for himself special texts-installations for refusing alcohol( without using a particle not!).These programs need to be read every day( and even memorized), you can supplement, add new ones, etc.
  6. Fixing the results. Here it is important not to sum up the previous work, namely, to consolidate the effect in order to maximize the sober period. You can watch special anti-alcohol films, read literature, communicate in special groups - share a sober experience.

Conducting classes

The peculiarity of the Shichko method is that each teacher, based on 6 classical steps, can make up his own course. Change the number of classes, set the duration, increase / decrease their volume for each step, fill with new content.

However, there is a traditional structure of the lesson for the Shichko methodology, according to which it is desirable to build a job:

  • Autotraining( self-suggestion devices for getting rid of alcohol dependence).
  • Speeches of graduates and listeners who successfully coped with addiction. Analysis of the questionnaires of new participants( in the following days - diaries).
  • Work on "sober" words, expressions, settings.
  • Small lectures on the topic of harm of alcohol dependence.
  • Exposing myths about harmlessness and "stylishness" of alcohol.
  • Opinions of great people about the sober lifestyle and the dangers of alcohol.
  • Again auto-training.
  • Homework( keeping a diary, writing settings, alcoholic essays, etc.).

Shichko's therapeutic program can be unidirectional - anti-alcohol, or mixed. For example, to combat alcohol and nicotine addiction at the same time. The standard number of classes is 7-10.

Efficiency and feedback from

Both the doctors and grateful patients respond to the effectiveness of Gennady Shichko's method. The main advantage of the technique is harmlessness. It does not use medications that can cause frightening side effects, hypnosis is not used, which can unpredictably affect the psyche.

The basis of the Shichko method is persistence and continuous work on oneself. And when a person invests a new amount of time and energy into himself, it is already more difficult to return to the old alcoholic life.

Alena, 41 years old, 15 years of alcoholic experience, 10 years of addiction: "There are very frank questions in the diaries, you have to overcome yourself, but it does not bother me. On the contrary, it becomes clear how you ended up in this pit, how you can get out of it. I am very comfortable in these classes, and I will continue. "

Specialists note that initially, using the method of Shichko, it is better to set a specific period during which you will not drink. And then, after successful results, continue the treatment course.

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