Signs of the disease and how to treat ischemic stem stroke

1 Factors of occurrence and form of the disease

Trunk stroke is characterized by causes that lead to the formation of pathology. The development of diabetes mellitus has a significant effect, since the walls of the vessels are severely affected. Long-term use of hormonal drugs affects the same way. The underlying factor is heart disease. This is especially true for cardiac arrhythmias. Web version of instagram for desktop and computer best video and profile.

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The causes of stroke include the following factors:

  • vascular aneurysm;
  • hypertension;
  • excess weight;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • bleeding disorder;
  • increased cholesterol;
  • the presence of addictions.

The named pathological condition is represented by two forms: ischemic and hemorrhagic. With the formation of a hemorrhagic form of pathology, manifestations occur quickly. To save the patient’s life, quick action is needed to eliminate hematoma or bleeding.

Ischemic stem stroke carries the greatest danger.. In most cases, the named type leads to the death of the patient. The presented condition is known under another name - cerebral infarction. As a result of the development of the disease, organ tissues are affected, as there is a failure in the blood circulation. As a result, the flow of nutrients stops or decreases, some tissues begin to gradually die.

Often the presented form is formed due to the lack of treatment for atherosclerosis. The cause of the development of the ischemic form may be diabetes, rheumatism or low blood pressure. The danger of pathology lies in the fact that for a long time, a stroke may not manifest itself and develop slowly. The presence of problems with coordination of movements, frequent dizziness, a weakened state and nausea are signals of problems in the patient's body.

2 How to recognize a dangerous condition

Stroke of the trunk develops suddenly. Symptoms of the pathology arise unexpectedly for the patient, especially with an ischemic form. In most cases, the patient has the following symptoms:

  • excessive sweating;
  • rapid pulse;
  • the face turns pale or red;
  • problems with speech;
  • dizziness appears;
  • pressure rises;
  • trouble swallowing;
  • blood circulation and breathing are disturbed;
  • the pulse becomes tense;
  • in patients, asymmetry of the face and strabismus may be observed.

Some patients have locked-up syndrome. Impulse transmission from the brain to parts of the body is disrupted, so the resulting paralysis can affect all limbs. Not in all cases, pathology affects the intellectual abilities of the patient. He retains the ability to understand what is happening and evaluate the situation.

Assistance to the patient is of great importance. If signs appear, you need to urgently seek medical help. While waiting for doctors, one should not sit idle, it is required to carry out the necessary measures within 2 hours from the start of the attack.

3 Diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of the disease

The diagnosis is made only by an experienced specialist. To obtain accurate information using magnetic resonance and multispectral computed tomography. It is mandatory to check the cardiovascular system and respiratory function of the patient. If there is a need, then diagnostic measures can be carried out in intensive care conditions.

The appearance of symptoms of pathology requires urgent hospitalization. Treatment does not always lead to success, therefore, an important task is to provide emergency care. It is aimed at dissolving the thrombus, which became the cause of the attack. As a result of such actions, blood circulation functions are restored, and blood enters the brain. Another area of ​​assistance is the restoration of lung and heart functions. In some cases, the patient is placed in the trachea with a special tube that allows the patient to receive oxygen.


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To eliminate the ischemic form of pathology, the following groups of drugs are used:

  • to regulate cholesterol;
  • blood thinners;
  • heart rate controls;
  • thrombus solvents;
  • blood pressure control medications.

The consequences of the condition can be deplorable. In 60% of cases, the patient’s seizure is fatal. The patient dies on the first day of the attack, which is associated with a malfunction in the main life support functions. Of great importance is the age of the patient. Young people are more likely to survive an attack than older people.

With the unilateral nature of the lesion, alternating syndromes appear. Sometimes the patient has an expansion or narrowing of the pupil, a motionless gaze and strabismus appear. In some cases, paralysis occurs that affects half of the tongue.

The formation of rigidity of a decerebral nature is not excluded. This is due to the separation of the trunk and the brain, as a result of which the patient has confused consciousness. Against the background of the presented condition, changes occur that affect the limbs. The patient's fingers are in a bent position, and the arms and legs are in a bent position.

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Thus, the formation of a stroke of the trunk is a dangerous condition. The patient must be promptly delivered to a medical institution to provide assistance. Otherwise, the consequences can be tragic. If a stroke is suspected, steps should be taken in advance to control the situation.

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