Folk recipes from gastritis

Folk recipes from gastritis Often people who have gastric gastritis on examination immediately rush to the drugstore and literally sweep off the shelves medication to treat various diseases of the stomach and other gastrointestinal diseases.

They do not even suspect that in most cases it is possible to do without costly medicines and remove gastritis of the stomach on their own using either some folk remedies or in combination with medicamental treatment.

Applying folk recipes to gastritis, a person not only gets rid of an insidious disease, but also qualitatively strengthens immunity, stabilizes homeostasis and increases the secretory function of the pancreas and liver.

The most important prescription for gastritis

Folk recipes for gastritis The main and most reliable prescription is disease prevention. And this means a complete exclusion from their lives of factors that contribute to the occurrence of inflammatory processes of the gastric mucosa.

First of all, it is necessary to comply with the culture of nutrition, exclude harmful

foods and habits in general and enrich the diet with vitamins, trace elements, as well as carbohydrates, proteins and fats in rational proportions.

Well, if gastritis still needs to attack the mucous membrane, it is necessary to remember the folk recipes for the treatment of gastritis and to intensify in this direction. First of all, a person should apply a sparing diet. Without this, gastritis is very difficult to cure.

Treatment provides for a schematic use of drinks and tinctures on medicinal herbs. An irreplaceable ingredient is considered to be honey, which contains propolis - a specific product of the life of bees.

Complex folk treatment also involves the use of medicinal oils of various plants.

The most popular folk recipes assume the use of the following ingredients:

  • apples, preferably green;
  • sprouted wheat;
  • sea-buckthorn, olive, cedar, pumpkin and linseed oil;
  • cabbage, potato, carrot, and also the juice of plantain and aloe;Propolis
  • and natural honey.
  • medicinal plants: yarrow, chamomile, plantain, etc.

Folk recipes for gastritis

Folk prescription for patients with high acidity:

  • Folk recipes for gastritis Twice a day to consume half a cup of carrot or potato juice.

Recipe for patients with low acidity:

  1. Mix honey and aloe juice in the same proportions and consume the medicated mixture before meals( 1 tbsp.).
  2. Three times a day, before meals take 1 tbsp.l.juice of the viburnum.

Recipes for acute gastritis:

  1. Get the juice from cabbage and use it twice a day for half a cup before meals.
  2. Boil 3 tablespoons of sea-buckthorn, cool the drink and drink daily, like tea.

Folk recipes from chronic gastritis:

  1. Take on an empty stomach 1 tbsp.spoonful of warm sea-buckthorn oil.
  2. To eat before eating 1 teaspoon of aloe juice.

Folk treatment of atrophic gastritis:

  1. Prepare a decoction of oats. To do this, one cup of the product should be poured into 1 liter of dill and boiled on a large flame until 1/3 of the mixture is left. Then the broth should be cooled and taken half a cup before meals.
  2. Stir 2 tsp. Sea buckthorn oil in one glass of milk and drink a drink on an empty stomach.

Folk recipes for gastritis are very diverse. But the principle is one. All ingredients have antimicrobial, healing and anti-inflammatory effects. They can be combined or choose one of the proposed treatment regimens.

The main thing to remember is that no medicine can replace the curative wealth that nature generously gives us!

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