Preparations and medicines for the treatment of acute gastritis and with exacerbation, what to take?

Medications for exacerbation of gastritis In case of exacerbation of gastritis, first of all, you start looking in your medicine cabinet, something that can reduce pain or completely relieve pain. Often, there is nothing more than an anesthetic drug in the home medicine cabinet.

You need to know that taking any medication can be dangerous. Even a simple analgesic( anesthetic drug) can damage the mucous membrane of your stomach, and therefore cause even greater harm.

Naturally, there is no universal medicine against exacerbated gastritis. And, most likely, will not. This, in many respects, depends on what kind of gastritis you have earned. The level of acid in the stomach directly depends on what drugs will be taken for treatment. Any specialist doctor will tell you that the destruction of tablets and other medications starts faster if the acidity of the stomach is increased. Preparations do not have time to act and dissolve in acids. So, to receive special tablets with a coating against oxidation are necessary.

However, not only an in

creased level of acidity is the cause of the use of other drugs, but also a low acidity. Therefore, it is important to know what level of acid content is calculated for those or other tablets.

Low acidity level

In this case, gastric juice is taken for effective treatment, both in natural and artificial form. Take it in the treatment of exacerbation of gastritis strictly according to the doctor's prescription.

Gastric juice intake is necessary to ensure that incoming nutrients and drugs can easily dissolve and enter the circulatory system. In this case - this is the only way to somehow prepare the situation for treatment.

Taking medications

Preparations for exacerbation of gastritis Once the acidity has increased, you can take the necessary medicines. This method is suitable for high acid. For a high level, either stronger means are used, or tablets that have a special layer are used.

In cases of increased acidity, antacids and anti-acid drugs may be used as a medicine. For example, ordinary soda can be referred to as antacids. As it is known, it neutralizes acids and normalizes the condition. However, this method is not suitable for gastritis.

More commonly used drugs that are freely available in pharmacies. Neutralizing drugs include: Maalox, Gistak, Ranitidine, Alumag, Atropine and other drugs that help reduce the acid of gastric juice.

After the acidity level is restored, drugs are used to treat gastritis. Each has its own function and method of treatment.

Depending on the complications, all drugs are divided into special groups that reduce the acute exacerbation of acute gastritis:

  1. Antidiarrheal. Such drugs, in the first place, are designed to eliminate constipation. Examples include Smecta and Almagel.
  2. Veterinary. This group is necessary to reduce the level of accumulated gases in bloating. As a rule, in this case, designate Espumizan.
  3. Antiemetic. Based on the name, the drugs are intended for the treatment of vomiting, which is caused by exacerbation of gastritis, including acute.
  4. Prokinetics. The drug is needed to eliminate the dysfunction of the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. Their action is somewhat like the action of laxatives. Such tablets include: Motilak, Ganaton and others.
  5. Spasmolytics. Means such as Nitroglycerin and No-shpa are considered to be excellent means to relieve the spasm caused by gastritis or after vomiting.
  6. Analgesics. Anesthetic medication is very necessary when exacerbating acute gastritis. In some cases, the pain may be so severe that the patients lose consciousness from the pain. These drugs include Analgin Baralgin. These are the two most famous objects of this group, which have proved their effect by years of practice.
  7. Enzyme. This is a very necessary group of drugs. The essence of them is to restore the function of excretion of the bile by the stomach. The main drugs: Mezim and Digistal.
  8. Antimicrobial. Tablets of this group are needed to treat acute exacerbations of gastritis. They reduce the level of toxins that have entered the stomach.
  9. Antibiotics. This group includes such as Ampicillin and Pylobakt Neo. Tablets of this group have a counteracting effect of the Helicobacter bacteria, which is the cause of the acute form of gastritis.
  10. Antihistamines. More often such medicines are accepted at an exacerbation of an allergic form of an acute gastritis. Exacerbation can occur in different ways, but the universality of this drug for allergy sufferers is proven. They include: Aleron and Fenkarol.
  11. Psychopharmacological. Preparations of this group are of a special nature. They are designed to calm. Often, the arising pains cause the aggression of the patient. They include: Sanason, Amitrapilin.

In some cases, other groups are also used, for example, drugs for normalizing the hormone level or receptor blockers. The latter are particularly relevant for allergic forms of acute gastritis. Also, due to the abundant intake of drugs, it is necessary to maintain the normal state of the liver. For this use a group of hepatoprotectors.

In some cases, to increase the patient's appetite, thereby normalizing the gastrointestinal tract, use natural medicinal tinctures. The refusal of the tablet form is due to the fact that the natural tincture does not so much aggravate the gastric mucosa.

It should be noted that the drugs listed above are a partial list. To date, there are about a thousand, and this figure is constantly growing.

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