Pain in the ear treatment at home

Ear pain is one of the most powerful and difficult to bear. Most often it occurs because of various problems in the middle ear, in particular, because of the accumulation of fluid. But the causes of such pain can be different: colds, foreign objects, accumulation of sulfur, damage to the physical body of the ear. Whatever the reason, treatment of earaches at home should be done quickly and effectively.

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Causes of ear pain

Tinnitus can be caused by various factors, such as diseases, inflammation, or mechanical damage. Depending on what kind of pain, you can establish the cause.

Factors causing earache:

  • furunculosis, eczema
    and other inflammation of the external ear;
  • otitis media of the middle ear;
  • mechanical injuries, foreign body ingress;
  • tooth decay, aching teeth;
  • pinched nerve;
  • deforming osteoarthritis of the jaw joint;
  • parotid abscess;
  • inflammation of the lymph nodes.

Aching pain

The main causes of aching pain and pain can become:

  • mechanical damage;
  • bacterial purulent inflammation;
  • of the jaw pathology;
  • inflamed tonsils;
  • acute otitis media.

Treatment of aching pain is necessary with the help of drugs with analgesic effect, anti-inflammatory agents, and at a temperature antipyretic are used.

Pain when swallowing

The appearance of a symptom such as ear pain when swallowing can mean that a person:

  • has a lowered immunity;
  • chronic diseases of the nasopharynx;
  • disease of the paranasal sinuses;
  • anatomical features;
  • otitis media of the middle ear;
  • otitis media of the external ear.

To correctly choose the treatment you need to establish the cause. When otitis is recommended taking Aspirin, Analgin. You can also insert Turunde soaked in boric alcohol 3%.

Interesting! Most often, pain, for completely different reasons, occurs in children than in adults. Many methods of traditional medicine help to effectively and quickly get rid of them.

What will help in the treatment of earaches at home

When pregnant

Pregnant should remember that many drugs are prohibited during this period, so treatment should be agreed with the doctor:

  • painkillers( Paracetamol, Nurofen, Ibuprofen);
  • for infection, prescribe antibiotics, which drank in parallel with bifidobacteria;
  • for earwax - contact ENT for cleaning the ears;
  • if the cause is allergy - antihistamines( Chloropyramine, Suprastin can be used in the second and third trimester, Cetirizine, Zirtek);
  • with edema of the nasopharynx( vasoconstrictor drugs Nazivin, Otrivin);
  • means of alternative medicine( squeeze out garlic, squeeze juice, drip 2-3 drops).

Unrefined olive oil

Olive oil is available in every kitchen, because it is ideal for salad dressing. If you have earaches, this ingredient will help to relieve them. Olive oil is a lubricant that relieves various infections. Particularly effective this component will be in the event that there are buzzing sounds.

Olive oil from pain in the ear

Usage options:

  • a few droplets to warm up and use as drops. That is, bury with oil the external ear canal;
  • in oil can soak a small piece of cotton wool. Make a swab out of it and put it in your ear.

Interesting! Olive oil for the treatment of ear pain at home can be successfully replaced with mustard oil.

Acute pain in the ear in a child

If there is no possibility to call a doctor or go to a hospital, give the child first aid. For anesthesia and to quickly relieve pain in the ear to the child, it is necessary: ​​

  • to drip the nose with vasoconstrictive drops to improve the patency of the auditory tube( Naphtizin, Nazivin);
  • insert ear pads( moisten in warmed to room temperature boron alcohol);
  • to drip ears with drops( Otypaks);
  • apply a compress for 1-1.5 hours( area around the ear lubricate with vaseline, heat vodka to 36-37 degrees and moisten the cotton cloth in it, squeeze out the material and put it around the auricle, wrap it with polyethylene);
  • Give the child a febrifuge with analgesic and anti-inflammatory action( Ibuprofen, Panadol).

If you have a cold

If you need to remove the pain in the ears and get rid of the inflammation that arose as a result of a cold, then it is recommended to use such means:

  • drops in the nose( Naphtizin, Otrivin, Nazin, Xylen);
  • ear drops( Otipax, Sofraks, Tsipromed);
  • painkillers( Paracetamol, Phenazone, Analgin, Spazgan);
  • anti-inflammatory drugs( Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen, Piroxicam);
  • in extreme cases, antibiotics are used on the recommendation of a doctor;
  • folk remedies( drip 2 drops of horseradish juice).

Shooting pain

The folk method for treating shooting pain in the ears is quite effective:

  • the twisted cotton wool moistens in camphor oil and inserted into the ear canal, the scarf wrapped on top, the procedure performed before bedtime;
  • heat the salt, wrap it in cotton cloth and apply to the sick ear for 15-20 minutes, then drip 2-3 drops of tea tree oil or any vegetable oil.

Ear drops that can be used: Otipax, Otinum, Naphthysine.

Throbbing pain

With pulsatile pain, a common treatment regimen is used:

  • ear drops;
  • drops in the nose with a vasoconstrictor effect;
  • washing with a solution with antiseptic effect;
  • antibacterial drugs;
  • physiotherapy;
  • immunostimulants;
  • means for the removal of the inflammatory process;
  • warming compresses;

The folk medicine method that is used: pour the cumin seed into the cut head of the bulb and put it in the oven until it becomes soft, squeeze the juice from the baked bulb, drip the ears 3 times a day for 3 drops.

Traditional medicine

Garlic cloves

The main actions that garlic has on the body include anesthesia, as well as antibiotic properties. So, treatment with garlic will definitely ease the pain.

Garlic cloves from pain in the ear

Usage options:

  • will need two large spoons of sesame oil;
  • to heat a small spoon containing the garlic passed through the press;
  • garlic rub through gauze, mixed with prepared butter;
  • used in the form of drops in the external ear canal with severe pain;
  • as an option, you can simply squeeze out the garlic( a few lobules) and juice, which stand out to dig in without dilution in vegetable oil.


A cheap folk remedy for pain in the ear. It will help to remove the pain symptom, additionally it will have antiseptic and antibacterial action. In the course of treatment has anti-inflammatory effect.

Onions for ear aches

Usage options:

  • one bulb to clean and crush;
  • wrap the crushed onion in a clean natural cloth;
  • for 20 minutes apply a compress to the sick ear;
  • such treatment can be done several times in one day;
  • use onion juice in the amount of one tablespoon. To warm and dig in a few drops.

Hot water heating

Take an ordinary plastic bottle and collect hot water into it. Apply to the ear that hurts from above by covering the bottle with a towel. Keep such an unusual compress for several minutes. Due to effective heating, the folk method of treatment can significantly reduce pain.

The root of ginger

The main actions of the ingredient that you need to note are anti-inflammatory properties. From ear infections, ginger helps perfectly, along the way, providing a good analgesic effect.

Ginger root from ear aches

Usage options:

  • squeeze juice from the cleaned root of ginger. Bury to relieve pain and reduce inflammation;
  • can mix a large spoon of fresh ginger juice with a quarter cup of warm sesame oil. But apply around the patient's ear only after the mixture has cooled sufficiently.

Bishop's weed

Natural method, which consists in the use of oil of this weed. You need to mix a large spoon with two large spoons of sesame oil. Warm up over low heat and use the cooled mixture to bury the sick ears.

Sesame from ear aches

Camphor oil

Camphor oil is used in several forms:

  • compress( 1 tablespoon of oil heated in a water bath, folded gauze in several layers soak and attach to the ear for half an hour, after a while, carefully insert a dry cotton swab);
  • drops( dip into the sore ear 4 drops of camphor and close it with cotton wool, then lie down for 10-15 minutes, leave the tampon overnight).

Before use, check for an allergic reaction to camphor oil.

Grass licorice

It will help for quick relief of pain. It is necessary to crush a small amount of greenery in melted butter. Must be a paste, in consistency. This paste is applied around the diseased ear and left until the pain completely disappears.

Grass licorice from pain in the ears

Boric alcohol

Boric alcohol for cure is used in two ways:

  • turunda. Wet the damp in alcohol and insert into the ear at night. This method allows you to keep the warming effect and do not damage the eardrum. Contraindicated in case of complications;
  • drops. You need to put your head on one side, the patient with the ear up, drop a few drops of the drug and stay in this position for 10-15 minutes. Even with the disease of one ear, it is required to drip both.

Soothing mint

Peppermint leaves are used for this type of treatment. From the prepared washed leaves squeeze the juice and bury this sore sick ear, using a single dose of the agent.

Mint relieves pain in the ears

You can also apply the product around the patient's ear, but then getting into the passage is not recommended. You can mix the oil of mint leaves with olive.

Ordinary radish

When implementing this method of treating ear pain at home, you need to cut one fresh radish finely. Then mix with the mustard oil and heat. Allow to cool, then strain and the resulting product to dig in several times a day.

Ordinary radish from pain in the ears

Using a hair dryer

As we have already explained, warming up with pain in the ears relieves pain. So, you can use a normal hair dryer to warm up. After taking a shower with a hair dryer, you need to dry your ears by putting the device in the warm air mode. Warm hair dryer quickly dries moisture( dry the passage no more than 5 minutes).

Pain and stuffiness in the ear

To help with such a symptom, it is necessary to establish the cause of the stuffiness.

  1. With natural factors: make movements like swallowing air, close your nose with your hands and squeeze your lip, then blow out, chew the chewing gum or chewing candy.
  2. If foreign body, insect gets in: use a cosmetic stick, put your head so that the sick ear is up, pour a little warmed to room temperature vegetable oil and rinse with water of the same temperature.
  3. If liquid hits: stir your ears and swallow saliva, jump on one leg, tilting your head toward the stuffed ear, use a cotton swab carefully.
  4. Sulfur cork, treatment should be done by a specialist: bury the ear with hydrogen peroxide, remove sulfur with a dry cotton swab, apply drops( AquaMaris Oto, A-Cerumen).
  5. Cause of coldness of the ear of the cold: to drip the nose with vasoconstrictive drops( Nasin, Nazivin, Naphthyzin, Otrivin), drink Ibuprofen.
  6. For chronic diseases of the nasopharynx, curvature of the nasal septum, otosclerosis and sensorineural hearing loss, surgical intervention is required.

Drops for treatment of

The most common drops that are prescribed for ear pains:

  • Sofradex( relieves itching and inflammation, has anti-allergic effect);
  • Polidex( has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory properties, destroys bacteria);
  • Otofa( used against streptococci, staphylococci);
  • Otypax( removes edema, inflammation has a disinfectant effect);
  • otinum( anesthetizes and relieves inflammation);
  • Garazon( has anti-inflammatory effect);
  • Anauran( destroys the fungus, anesthetizes, relieves inflammation).

All means of treating earaches at home have proven their effectiveness for more than one generation. But it is better to first go to the doctor and combine traditional methods of treatment with recipes of traditional medicine.

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