Whether it is possible dried fruits at a gastritis?

Dried fruits with gastritis Patients suffering from gastritis should be promptly diagnosed to determine the extent and complexity of the disease. When the doctor diagnoses, you need to go to the compilation of your menu. Many do not know if it is possible to dry fruits with gastritis?

It is worth remembering that in themselves they are a rough food that can provoke an increase in acidity. To avoid complications, you can use a similar product in the form of compotes.

Compote from dried fruits with gastritis

Whether it is possible dried fruits at a gastritis? Compote is useful for gastritis, especially with high acidity. Doctors recommend using dried apples as apples or pears, as they have a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane. Of course, you can choose other products that do not cause an allergic reaction. It is advisable not to use dried apricots or prunes.

For the preparation of compote you will need:

  • 500 grams of dried fruits.
  • 100 - 120 grams of sugar.
  • 3 liters of water.

Dried fruits should first be soaked in cold water for two hour

s. After that, put the compote on the fire. After the end of cooking, the product should be infused for 5 hours.

It is absolutely forbidden to eat compote in hot condition. Otherwise, complications may occur.

Dried fruits that cause complication of gastritis

Dried fruits with gastritis Apricot is a fruit that can cause an allergic reaction even in a healthy person. In case of GIT disease, there may be complications. The same applies to dried apricots. On the shelves you can find a clarified dried apricots. This kind of appearance manufacturers are achieving through the use of various acids. After getting into the stomach, acid residues cause frustration and spasms.

Prune the doctors recommend to use only in the phase of remission of the disease of the digestive tract. This is due to the fact that a similar product has an immunostimulating effect. If you consume 30 grams of dried fruit per day, then it can reduce the likelihood of exacerbation of gastritis. A large number will cause pain and heartburn.

When buying raisins, you need to pay attention to its appearance. If it looks beautiful and attractive, then before selling, it was treated with special means that can cause complication of gastritis. To determine if the product is processed with raisins, it should be rubbed with a finger. If there are no traces on the hands, such a product can be bought, since it will be useful for the stomach. Otherwise, it is better to refuse from buying dried grapes.

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