Nursing process with gastritis

Gastritis is a disease of the gastric mucosa. Subdivided into two types: acute and chronic. Acute gastritis is an inflammation of the mucosa, which is accompanied in parallel by a violation of secretion and motility. In another way, this is a polyethological disease.

Sister's care for gastritis in a child

  • Prevention

As a preventive measure, other diseases are identified and they are eliminated before too. Be sure to observe the diet of food. It is necessary to sanitize foci of chronic development. It is better to protect the child from physical and emotional overload. It is also recommended to have a follow-up visit.

  • Problems of the child

You can try to figure out the possible problems of the child. Perhaps the child feels discomfort or pain. Find out whether there is a violation of sleep, nutrition. Is there vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation.

With regard to parents in the nursing process with gastritis includes conducting a conversation and identifying problems. We need to talk about the rules of nutrition, the harm of a number of products to children. Fill the gap in the minds of parents about the disease, introduce them into the course of the matter.

Nursing process for acute gastritis

The basic principle of the nursing process for gastritis consists of 5 stages:

  • Examination of the patient and determination of well-being.
  • Statement of a nurse diagnosis.
  • Planning the future actions of medical staff( medical manipulation and care).
  • Implementation of plans for the patient.
  • Evaluation of the implementation of the conceived in relation to the patient and the final summarization of the results.

Nursing care

Nursing care is for the patient to follow a diet, provide medical care, anesthesia if necessary, monitor the intake, prescribed medication. Necessarily, the nursing process is to ensure that the patient stops using alcoholic beverages and gives up smoking at least for a while. All this is desirable to achieve with the help of interviews with the patient. And also control over the patient's body weight, for the transfer of relatives. Prepare the patient for probing, for radiographic and gastroscopic examination.

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