Courgettes with gastritis

In the raw form of zucchini with gastritis is impossible. But after the heat treatment, the vegetable can be included in the menu of the therapeutic diet. Its composition is unique - it consists of 95% water, and in 100 grams of the finished product there are vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, A, PP, C and H, as well as potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus salts. They help regulate metabolic processes, maintain an ideal water balance in the body. The composition of the vegetable includes aluminum, molybdenum, zinc, lithium and titanium.

Thanks to this composition zucchini in gastritis can have a general strengthening effect, they contribute to the removal of swelling, the removal of toxins and "bad" cholesterol. The high content of potassium and magnesium salts is useful for the heart, the presence of iron helps prevent the development of anemia, which is very important for atrophic gastritis.

What kind of zucchini are useful for gastritis?

In a raw form, eating zucchini with gastritis is not recommended for those who have a disease on the background of increased secretion of gastric juice. Since there is a lot of potassium in the pulp of the vegetable, you can not include it in your diet and those who suffer from urolithiasis. The thermally processed vegetable can be included in the diet menu. But it is necessary to do this in accordance with the following rules:

  1. It is important to use healthy fruits for preparing healthy dishes. The most useful fruit is considered to be 20-25 cm in size. In this case, it is not necessary to clean the fruits, it is the peel that contains the maximum amount of the above-listed trace elements.
  2. These are vegetables that must necessarily be combined with others. Very delicious is a vegetable stew.
  3. The described fruit contains very little protein. Therefore, the menu should necessarily include poultry or fish.

How can I cook zucchini with gastritis?

Very useful for gastritis are zucchini, cooked in the oven, in pots, they can be boiled, stewed, steamed, cook soufflé, casseroles and puddings. Fry vegetables in the presence of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract in any case impossible. Do not make salads, in which as one of the ingredients are fresh squash.

Young zucchini with gastritis are also useful because there is practically no coarse fiber in their pulp, the structure of the vegetable is very tender, so after cooking vegetables do not irritate the walls of the stomach. Due to this circumstance, quite often, they become the basis for compiling a dietary menu in the first days of treatment of the disease.

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