Folk remedies for the prevention of worms in children and adults, the best preventive methods for humans

According to statistics, more than a billion people are infected with helminths annually. However, it is not worth waiting for the development of helminthiosis. It is much more effective to carry out prophylaxis against worms with the means provided for this purpose.

To prevent the development of helminthiosis, modern medicine offers many options, both with the use of drugs and folk methods. However, before taking a prophylactic against worms, you should always consult a doctor. This is due to the fact that:

  1. Not all drugs act on certain types of parasites, but only directed effects.
  2. Almost all drugs have side effects.
  3. In different categories of people, the worm prevention agent acts differently( adults, children, pregnant and lactating women).

Given that about 90 percent of the world's population have worms in their body, even if small, in order to prevent their accumulation in critical quantities, basic personal hygiene measures must be observed. To protect the body from penetration of parasites can thoroughly treat raw vegetables and fruits before consumption, observe personal hygiene rules, do not drink raw water from open water bodies.

The best way to prevent worms, in addition to observing the above mentioned measures, is to increase the body's immune defenses. Healthy, quality food, moderate physical activity, rejection of bad habits will create a strong barrier to parasites, so that they do not feel like masters in the human body. To get rid of parasites, it should be noted that they do not like herbs and spices that have a bitter taste.

Popular prevention of worms

To prevent the development of diseases associated with penetration into the body of parasites is much easier than then for a long time to deal with them, spending a lot of energy and resources to restore vitality. Each person chooses a method for preventing helminths based on medical recommendations. It should be noted that the means for preventing helminths in adults can be completely different than the means for preventing worm infants in children. For example, an excellent tool is a nut tincture made from walnut partitions on vodka( 1 item of milled septums and 1 item of water).However, it is clear that for children to use such a tincture is impossible.

Prevention of worms with folk remedies provides the use of antihelminthic drugs regularly in courses at least once every six months. Folk methods from worms for preventive purposes are preferable to the use of medications because they act milder and have virtually no negative side effects if all medical recommendations are observed. For example, in worm prevention prescriptions in humans, folkworms often contain wormwood. However, solanine, which is found in the flower baskets of wormwood citrine, is a strong poison and can be used only by appointment and under the supervision of a doctor.

Prevention of worms by folk remedies also includes the use of alcohol. Cognac-castor mixture has no contraindications, but it can not be applied to certain categories of people. Weakening the forces of parasites contribute to the daily eating of a pair of cloves of garlic. More effective is the infusion of garlic with milk.

The best folk remedy for worm prevention is raw pumpkin seeds. The one-time dose of their application depends on the age and is from 75 grams for three-year-olds to 250 grams.adults. Pumpkin seeds can be taken as a decoction. An excellent folk remedy for the prevention of worms is carrots. It can be used in the form of carrot juice or a mixture of juice and honey.

Of great importance in preventive measures is the use of quality water. An excellent way to not only purify water, but also make it a poison for parasites, is flint water. The mechanism of its action on helminths is based on the ability of silicon colloids, as it were, to stick to themselves parasites and their eggs, purifying water. In addition, silicon water contributes to the production of chlorophyll and hemoglobin, has bactericidal properties, similar to silver. To prepare it enough for a day to insist in a three-liter jar of water( boiled, purchased, filtered) with three or four stones of silicon. The upper two thirds of the contents of the jar are useful, and the rest is best poured( you can into the plants).Rich in silicon also bran and infusion of water on them is also a good tool for preventing helminths in children.

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