Chanterelles from worms, treatment with mushrooms against helminths

Chanterelles from worms - this is a real panacea, known for a long time in folk medicine. So what is the peculiarity of these wonderful mushrooms that help the human body to purify itself of parasitic helminths?

Traditional medicine knows a lot of ways to combat helminthiosis - mostly, it's infusions on herbs, or curative decoctions. But not all of them are equally effective, and the action of this or that remedy, as a rule, is directed only against a specific variety of parasites. In addition, the herbs can not cope with eggs that lay worms in the human digestive tract.

Regarding chanterelles, they perfectly cope with any kinds of helminths parasitizing in humans, which is explained by the peculiarities of the chemical composition of their tissues.

Chanterelles from worms: the secret of exposure to

Science has proven that they are so effective against worms because they contain a significant amount of quinomanase polysaccharide, a substance that has a harmful effect on helminths, penetrating mucous membranes, and paralyzing the activity of nervouscenters. In addition, the treatment of worms with chanterelles provides for the complete destruction of the oviposition of parasites, which can not be achieved with virtually no medication. The secret is that the polysaccharide of quinomanosis destroys the egg coat, and the larvae die before they can pass the stage of formation of an adult organism.

At the same time, there is no risk of toxic damage for a person, which is inevitable when using synthetic drugs.

It should be noted that chanterelles from worms are effective only in raw form, or as a tincture from dried mushrooms. Heat treatment destroys useful substances, as well as salting. Also, you can not make a tincture of raw mushrooms.

Chanterelles against worms: how to use

Most often, chanterelles from worms are used in the form of alcohol tincture. Prepare this tool is simple enough. It is necessary to take peeled chanterelles, dry them( in the sun or in a special drying plant).Then they should be crushed thoroughly and the resulting powder pour alcohol or vodka in the proportion: 1 teaspoon of powder to 150 ml of liquid.

Tincture should be kept for 10 days, in a dark cool place, while it is important to shake the container with tincture regularly. The formed sediment should not be filtered, since it contains a significant part of the medicinal substances.

After the specified period, chanterelles from worms can be consumed( the recommended dose is 2 teaspoons of tincture every evening).

The drug should be used for a long course - up to two months. This ensures complete destruction of parasites and their offspring, and also helps to avoid recurrence of helminthiosis in the future.

In addition to alcohol tincture, chanterelles from worms are used as a simple infusion. A teaspoonful of dried chanterelles is poured into a glass of boiled hot water and allowed to stand for 60 minutes. After that, the infusion should be drunk with the formed sediment. This method has also proved its effectiveness - use infusion should be at least 20 days.

To avoid the occurrence of inflammatory processes in the body, as a reaction to the death of a significant number of parasites, tincture can be used in complex with some other means.

Chanterelles against worms perfectly work in combination with white, tincture of which neutralizes inflammatory processes and helps purify the digestive tract. You can make a tincture of the powder of both mushrooms, taking equal parts of each product.

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