What incubation period does meningitis have?

1 The development of the disease

The cause of meningitis is infection with an infection. As a rule, pathology affects the human brain, or rather the organ shells, which are located between the central part of the nervous system and the cranial bones. In most cases, the soft tissue directly adjacent to the brain is affected. Slightly inflamed spider and hard shell.

Meningitis is of several types. There are many classifications of this disease, for example, depending on the cause of the disease, the ailment is microbial, neuroviral, fungal, infectious and traumatic. For each type, the duration of the incubation period differs somewhat. Depending on the speed of the disease, meningitis is divided into the following types:

  1. Lightning fast. It develops very rapidly, in the first day after the onset of the disease and often leads to the death of the patient.
  2. Acute. Characterized by the rapid development of the disease within 2-3 days.
  3. Chronic. It develops slowly, it is almost impossible to know when the first symptoms of the disease began.

The incubation period of meningitis has a different duration in the range from 2 days to 10 days or more, depending on the type of pathogen that caused the disease. If enteroviruses are the factor of disease occurrence, development lasts from 3 to 8 days. The incubation period caused by the mumps virus lasts 3 weeks, but more often 10-18 days. The disease with acute aseptic meningitis begins 8-12 days after infection. In the development of pathology, the symptoms of the disease are similar to influenza. The incubation period in children is similar. If a child has weak immunity, the disease develops faster.

2 Clinical picture of

As a rule, meningitis proceeds with such characteristic symptoms that it is difficult to confuse it with some other disease. After a short incubation period, the following symptoms appear:

  1. Headache. She is very strong, her head is bursting from the inside. The pain intensifies when a person tilts his head or turns it, and under the influence of bright light and sharp sounds.
  2. Muscles on the nape of the neck are tense. The patient lies with his head thrown back. This is a very characteristic sign of the disease.
  3. A person feels nauseous, repeatedly vomits, but there is no relief.
  4. The temperature rises sharply, and sometimes its values ​​reach 40 ° C.The patient is shivering, they often sweat.
  5. Drowsiness, retardation. A person is talking slowly, maybe he can stop answering questions addressed to him.
  6. Sometimes there are violations in the psyche: aggressiveness, hallucinations, at times apathy.
  7. Cramps of the hands and whole body, sometimes leading to loss of consciousness. In patients, the muscles of the body ache.
  8. Strabismus. It arises because of inflammation of the oculomotor nerves.

If these signs do not lead to proper treatment, the disease will progress and lead to coma, paralysis, including respiratory muscles, resulting in death.

If you do not start treating meningitis in time, it always leads to the death of the patient. Late diagnosis of the disease and belated treatment leads to irreversible consequences for the human body and to the inevitable disability. With timely diagnosis and proper treatment, the patient recovers after 14 days, but sometimes the therapy stretches for 5 weeks, it depends on many factors, including the state of the human immune system and the type of meningitis.

3 How to prevent the pathology of

The disease spreads the same way as most viruses. Meningitis can be transmitted by airborne droplets, by eating foods contaminated with viruses, through blood or lymph, and so on, so the main preventive measure is the observance of household hygiene. It is necessary to thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits, do not swim in polluted water, drink only boiled water.


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The main prevention of meningitis also includes hardening of the body. During periods of epidemics of infectious diseases, it is necessary to avoid places where people accumulate in large numbers, avoid supercooling of the body, try not to visit countries where you can catch meningitis through insect bites( mosquitoes).If bites of ticks are possible in places where a person lives, it is necessary to do preventive vaccinations against meningoencephalitis. When in contact with a patient, it is necessary to administer immunoglobulin and take antibiotics.

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