Why tears with blood after drinking alcohol: causes, first aid, treatment

The destructive effect of alcohol on the body is proved by the results of numerous medical studies. One of the signs of serious complications is vomiting with blood after excessive consumption of alcohol. The appearance of this symptom requires the immediate abandonment of alcohol and seeking medical help.

Vomiting with blood after alcohol

If after drinking alcohol spills blood, it in itself is an alarming symptom, and blood stains in the vomit indicate the development of internal bleeding. Its intensity is determined by physicians within the diagnostic framework.

Bleeding in the volume of 200-400 ml usually proceeds asymptomatically. However, mildly pronounced symptoms may appear:

  • mild nausea;
  • chills;
  • dry mouth;
  • weakness.

Severe bleeding can be detected independently for the following symptoms:

  • general malaise;
  • pain;
  • tinnitus;
  • heart palpitations;
  • increased pressure;
  • dizziness.

Intensive blood loss can not be stopped by yourself. In this case, it is necessary to take a person to the hospital, where specialists will take the necessary measures. Otherwise, the patient will develop a shock, which can lead to death.

Bleeding is usually preceded by severe pain, but then it decreases or disappears completely. The matter is that the allocated blood neutralises hydrochloric acid in vomit masses. The danger is increased pressure, which can cause loss of consciousness.

Causes of

Most often if nauseated by blood after alcohol, it signals the presence of mechanical damage to the walls of the stomach or esophagus. There are a number of reasons for this, but it is possible to determine them only through diagnostics in a medical institution.

Mallory-Weiss Syndrome

An admixture of blood in vomiting after alcohol abuse can provoke the Mallory-Weiss syndrome. It consists in violation of the integrity of the gastric mucosa, which occurs as a result of a significant increase in pressure in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract.


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After alcohol abuse, a vomiting attack often occurs, especially a feast is always accompanied by a plentiful meal. The pressure in the gastrointestinal tract rises even more. As a result, minor damage to the mucosa is intensified, tears and cracks are formed.

For the treatment of the Mallory-Weiss syndrome, doctors try to apply conservative methods. However, complications can sometimes be diagnosed in which it is necessary to resort to surgery.

In the video, the stomach of the patient with the Mallory-Weiss syndrome:

Internal varicose

If blood clots in vomiting after alcohol intake are scarlet, there is a high probability that the gastric walls are damaged as a result of internal varicose veins. In this disease, the vessels of the mucosa can not stand the pressure because of the accelerated movement of blood on them and burst. Aloe bleeding caused by internal varicose veins usually does not last long.

The dark color of blood clots in the vomit is of great danger. In such a situation, it is impossible to predict the duration of blood loss and its intensity, so urgent measures must be taken. The patient needs emergency medical help.

Gastric ulcer and cirrhosis

A frequent cause of blood clots in vomiting after drinking liquor becomes a stomach ulcer. The disease develops as a result of prolonged abuse of alcoholic beverages.

Ethyl alcohol changes the composition of gastric juice, increasing the content of hydrochloric acid in it. Any meal causes pain at the top of the abdomen, but after a meal, the pain syndrome decreases. In this regard, the appetite gradually disappears, there is a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, nausea, heartburn.

In this case, profuse bleeding develops, often leading to perforation of the ulcer. It is expressed in the fact that the contents of the stomach falls into the abdominal cavity, after which peritonitis is formed.

If a patient suffers from cirrhosis, alcohol intake in his case may also be accompanied by vomiting with a trace of blood. A serious complication of this disease becomes esophageal varices.

Since the liver functions worse with cirrhosis, free circulation of blood in the body is hampered, and the pressure in the veins increases. Because of this, the vascular walls are damaged, and the vessels themselves begin to burst and bleed.

If a person has cirrhosis of the liver, alcohol is categorically contraindicated. In this case, a person needs regular monitoring of the functioning of the body. This is the only way to prevent serious complications.

Other causes of

There is another extensive list of pathologies that provoke bloody vomiting after drinking alcohol. These include:

  • Oncology of the stomach and esophagus.
  • Foreign bodies in the stomach and esophagus.
  • Inflammation of the esophagus.
  • Surgical diseases of the digestive tract.
  • Chronic diseases.

Among the surgical diseases that lead to the appearance of blood in post-alcoholic vomiting, there is an intestinal obstruction, appendicitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, peritonitis, various internal bleedings. Also pancreatitis, duodenitis, kidney stones and other chronic diseases lead to this pathology.

First aid

When bloody vomiting occurs after drinking, you can not wait until the condition is normalized by itself. First of all, a person must be laid on the bed, placing a pillow under his head, and covering him with a blanket. When the legs and hands warm up, they will improve blood circulation.

In order to prevent the stagnation of blood, a person needs to turn over from time to time. It is important that someone close to the patient is constantly present, because he can lose consciousness or choke with vomit.

Next to the bed, you need to put a basin, because the vomiting can continue. The patient needs to provide a copious drink, as well as give him 6-8 tablets of activated charcoal. These measures will help remove toxins and toxins from the body.

Eating food during bouts of bloody vomiting is something that you can not do if you feel sick or vomit blood. Any food will only exacerbate the condition of the patient. It is also important to monitor the pressure and pulse.

Treatment of

To identify the causes of the appearance of blood clots in vomiting, in a hospital environment, specialists will perform tests, radiography and gastroscopy. After determining the exact diagnosis, appropriate treatment will be prescribed. Usually you get by using conservative methods, but sometimes you may need surgery.

Treatment for bloody vomiting after alcohol includes the following activities:

  • gastric bypass;
  • taking drugs to stop bleeding;
  • removal of excess blood from the digestive tract.

To remove blood clots, the stomach is washed with cool water( about +4 degrees).Periodically, probing and aspiration are performed to control bleeding intensity.

If during the diagnosis revealed indications for surgery, the patient is given special drugs that stop bleeding and prevent it from reappearing.

Recovery period

If, after alcohol, vomiting occurs with blood, stopping drinking is the first step in stopping it. After washing the stomach and removing blood clots from the digestive tract, a noticeable improvement occurs 2-3 days later. If you continue drinking alcohol, the patient's condition will only worsen, which can lead to serious complications.

During recovery, a person is strongly encouraged to follow a special diet to facilitate the work of the stomach and allow it to recover.

From the diet it is necessary to completely eliminate for a time:

  • fried;
  • sharp;
  • salt.

Such food can trigger a fit of vomiting, so if there is a gastrointestinal disorder, a taboo is applied to it. A couple of hours after stopping the vomiting reflex can not eat anything, it is recommended to drink plenty of liquid in small sips. Then chicken broths or porridges on water are supposed.

As the patient's condition improves, servings volumes should be slowly increased. In the first days of the patient should eat exclusively liquid and warm food.

It is allowed to eat:

  • mucous soups;
  • jelly;
  • were jammed.

Then the eggs are introduced into the diet soft-boiled and soufflé from meat, and later transferred to a sparing diet. The diet in each case is the doctor, based on the general condition of the patient and his taste preferences.

Attacks of bloody vomiting after alcohol require treatment in the hospital, as its appearance indicates the presence of a serious pathology of the gastrointestinal tract. In the absence of treatment, there are complications - choking, anemia, shock, and further progression of concomitant diseases. After discharge from the hospital, it is recommended that a gastroenterologist take preventive examinations every year to prevent relapse.

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