Treatment of beer and vodka alcoholism with folk remedies

Today, many people are facing alcoholism. He is able not only to ruthlessly destroy health, career and common sense, as well as families of alcohol dependent people. Cure at one time such a pernicious disease is sometimes not obtained from many, but everyone can cope with it.

A variety of treatment options come to help fight addiction to alcoholism, which helps reduce cravings and disgust alcohol. Consider the possible treatment of alcoholism at home with folk remedies.

Treatment of alcoholism through food and drink

There is a wide range of a variety of folk remedies that help reduce the bias towards alcohol and cope directly with the treatment of alcoholism. Each of them in its own way is convenient and has different effects on the body.

We offer you the most popular folk remedies for alcoholism on the basis of available reviews.

Herbs Treatment

Herbs are natural remedies that are often and widely used to treat a wide variety of diseases. Alcoholism can also be cured with herbs:

  1. Bay leaf .This miracle product can significantly increase the aversion from the use of any alcoholic beverages, if you insist on it on vodka( 2 sheets per glass of vodka, insist for two weeks).Alco addicted person does not even suspect that he drinks not just vodka, but "magic vodka against alcoholism."
  2. Green tea .China and Japan today are distinguished by the fact that alcoholism in these countries can be met quite rarely. And all because the Chinese and Japanese know how to treat alcohol dependence and very often drink a lot of green tea.4 cups a day is the recommended dose of tea in order to reduce cravings for alcoholic beverages and prevent alcoholism.
  3. Bear ears .This grass is still called bearberry. Decoction( 1 tbsp finely chopped herb for 1 item of very hot water, but not boiling water) to give a drink to a person who suffers alcoholism, at least three times a day.

To combat alcoholism, the modern pharmaceutical industry produces a number of synthetic and homeopathic remedies. Good results are given by Lidevin tablets. You can find out their composition, the principle of influence on the body and contraindications.

Colmus drops are also a popular remedy for alcoholism. You can find out more about them and read the patients' testimonials in this article.


Honey is very rich in potassium, which with a gradual decrease in the body in a low probability can cause addiction to alcohol. He also perfectly "kills" bacteria, contains many vitamins and minerals.


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This is a good natural sedative and sedative. The easiest way to reduce craving for alcoholic beverages is to enrich the body of a drinking person with potassium.

  1. Every hour the patient should drink a mixture of honey( ? Tsp) and half a glass of water 40-45? C.It is necessary to use only warm water - so honey will not lose its useful substances and properties.
  2. The following scheme of honey intake for the treatment of dependence on strong drinks looks like this - honey( 6 tsp) on an empty stomach give to eat the patient, after 20 minutes repeat and after 20 minutes again. Total will be 18 tsp. This amount of honey is enough to remove the hangover syndrome and replenish the daily dose in the body of potassium.
Honey and pollen replenish the lack of minerals and vitamins, which are not enough for people who drink. Thus, the hangover syndrome is weakened or completely vanishes.

How much honey will help in the treatment of alcoholism, will depend on its degree and condition of the patient.

Sweet syrup

The recipe for sweet syrup helps to clean the body of a drinking person from toxins, and also relieve severe hepatic and gastric pain: it takes 2 liters of cool water, tansy flowers( 2 tablespoons) and yarrow( 2 tablespoons).

These herbs need to be infused with water for 48 hours, after which the infusion is boiled, adding sugar( 2 tablespoons) and honey( 2 tablespoons).Then the mixture should be cooled and boiled again. Further strain and leave to cool.

It is recommended to drink such sweet syrup on an empty stomach before breakfast and dinner.

What other herbs will help with alcoholism look in this video:

Smoke treatment

This method is effective and very convenient, because smoke treatment can be performed even without the knowledge of the patient : light a fire from dry birch firewood, previously abundantly sprinkled with sugar. Then put out and give the drinking person a breath of this smoke.

You can make shish kebabs on such "anti-alcohol" firewood. After such a procedure, give the patient a drink of alcohol, preferably vodka.

Home coding from alcohol dependence

Coding at home is done by suggesting to a person that he does not want to drink and his body rejects alcohol.

Usually this suggestion is carried out in a sleeping state, that is, when a person with alcohol dependence sleeps, his relatives at night, standing near the head, can say such words: "You do not want to drink alcohol", "Your body feels much better when you do notdrink, "" You no longer have a desire to drink, "and so on.

But simultaneously it is possible to carry out treatment, prevention of dependence on alcohol, and also aversion from alcohol with the help of herbs. There are a lot of herbal treatments for alcoholism, but the most common ones are described below:

  1. It will take a hundred thousand acres, bitter wormwood( grass) and thyme in one piece.15 grams of ground grass mixture should be poured 200 ml of boiling water and leave to infuse for two hours. Reception of infusion should be carried out four times a day for 1 tablespoon.
  2. In one glass of vodka, place the root lovage and several leaves of bay leaf. Insist about two weeks, then give the drinking person a drink of "anti-alcoholic vodka."This remedy provokes an aversion to alcohol, and can also induce vomiting.
  3. Ordinary kombucha can significantly reduce the intense attraction to alcoholic beverages. Get such a remedy for alcoholism, which does not have strong side effects, undesirable effects and contraindications.

Psychological method of influence for solving the problem with alcoholism:

Remedies for boring out at home

Before using various means that will help to get out of the binge of an alcohol dependent person, you need to perform some simple procedures:

  • A drunk person should be brought into a conscious and adequate state. Give him a glass of cool water with a few drops of ammonia, and then make the patient a contrast, cool shower. This will reduce the risk of undesirable effects from exposure to drugs.
  • The next step is to wash the stomach. In 2 liters of water( preferably warm) add 1 tbsp.l.soda and salt. The solution can be divided into two steps. Give the drinker his drink, and then you should induce vomiting by pressing two fingers on the root of the tongue.
  • It is advisable to conduct one more procedure that will cope as much as possible with the cleansing of the body from the products of the decomposition of ethyl alcohol - to make a cleansing enema. The decoction of chamomile( 2 tablespoons of flowers per 1 item of hot water) will cope well with this task. Insist, strain, cool and dilute with two liters of warm water.
  • Hot tea with the addition of honey will cause profuse sweating, which will help to remove toxic substances even more effectively.
  • So, as most alcoholics experience fear, anxiety and nervousness during hangover syndrome, after all the above procedures you can drink alcoholic sick decoctions of chamomile, valerian, mint or motherwort.
  • And the last thing - a great addition to the above procedures will be the drug Regidron( 1 packet for 1 liter of boiled water).To relieve nervous and anxiety, you can use Corvalol( 25 ml for 5 hours).

Tremor is the twitching or shaking of some part of the body. The cause of limb tremor can be poisoning with alcohol or harmful substances. How can you help in this situation? Why is treatment necessary?

How to cure the tremor of the head with folk remedies you will learn from this article.

In scientific articles you can find the term "alcohol delirium", what is it? This is an ordinary "white fever".Legends of the "squirrel" and how it looks from the side of alcoholic delirium on the video in this publication - http: // bolezni-nevrologii /alcogolizm/ ponyatie-alkogolnogo-deliriya.html

Treatment of female alcoholism

In grasping traps of alcoholism, unfortunately, not only men fall. Female alcoholism is a rather difficult disease. Alcohol is able to concentrate more in the blood, from which women get drunk faster, and dependence appears earlier.

And before the menstrual cycle, the activity of stomach absorption of substances from food and drink consumes increases, which again contributes to the increased concentration of alcohol in the blood.

Treatment of female dependence on alcoholic beverages should begin with the communication of understanding and awareness of their problem. And in parallel in the fight against alcohol dependence will help folk remedies:

  1. Green tea .4 cups - the minimum daily dosage. It will not only help fight alcohol dependence, but also improve the color shade and skin condition. And for the external beauty of a woman it is very important.
  2. Decoctions of ginger, milk thistle and mint .Female alcohol dependence is often associated with stress, inner feelings and fears. Such broths can help calm down and normalize sleep.
  3. Fruits and juice of barberry .From these components, you can make a tincture( 1 tablespoon of berries per 0.5 liter of alcohol 60%).For 1 liter of booze, you can add a few drops of this tincture.

Treatment of beer alcoholism with folk remedies

Beer alcoholism is no less common dependence than alcoholism. But the consequences are much more destructive. And the treatment of this type of dependence is also possible with folk remedies, but it includes a few other methods.

First of all, you need to gradually reduce the dosage of beer you drink. The first few weeks allow yourself to drink no more than 1 bottle of beer per day, the second 2 weeks - no more than 2 bottles a week, and the next 2 weeks - no more than 1 bottle per week.

For 3 weeks absolutely every person is able to develop a habit and if you try to keep as much as possible from using beer during such a period, then the probability of giving up alcohol is very high. It is difficult only at the beginning - then you will be amazed and pleasantly surprised by the result of your efforts.

The beer dependence is based more on the psychological level than on the physical level. Therefore, you need to start with an internal attitude. Set yourself a goal and a timeline for its implementation - so you will digress from drinking beer and at the same time feel what you are capable of.

It is not recommended to use herbal decoctions to fight beer alcoholism, as they will increase the burden on the kidneys, cause a breakdown, pain, nausea and even vomiting.

Alcoholism is not so much a physical dependence, but as a psychological one, therefore, when treating such an addiction you need to be positively attuned to an effective result. Suggestion and positive attitude - the main assistants in the elimination of alcohol dependence. And yet - on a full stomach, no one will ever think of drinking, so try to make the drinking person less likely to feel hungry.

Video for treatment of alcoholism with 25 frames. Attention, it is forbidden to view people with any form of schizophrenia:

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