Can I take Detralex with alcohol: interaction, compatibility, consequences, reviews

When a patient takes any medications, he or she should not drink alcohol. But sometimes there are situations when alcohol is necessary to drink, for example, at weddings, anniversaries and other significant celebrations. How to be? Can I slightly break the course of treatment and drink a couple of glasses of wine or champagne. After all, sometimes medicines are completely safe, not having particularly severe contraindications, as, for example, Detralex.

Detralex and alcohol

Detralex refers to angioprotectors and blood circulation correctors. Usually Detralex is used in the therapy of venous insufficiency, lympho-drainage, hemorrhoids, etc. It is often prescribed for unpleasant discomfort in the lower extremities, severity and soreness. The drug maintains vascular tone, preventing the stretching of the walls of blood vessels. As a result, blood vessels decrease. When taking the drug, a dose-dependent effect is observed.

The drug is in the form of coated tablets. The main active ingredient of Detralex is hypoperidine or diosmin. In general, the tablets are perfectly tolerated by the absolute majority of patients.

However, the drug has some contraindications:

  • Allergic reactions;
  • Individual hypersensitivity or intolerance;
  • Lactation period;
  • Pregnancy status.

In general, the drug is considered to be relatively safe, and in some countries is even considered to be a group of bioactive additives, since it does not contain hazardous substances.
On the video the principle of the action of the drug Detralex:


The drug has a venoprotective and venotonic effect, tonicating blood vessels and normalizing blood circulation. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the drug, strict adherence to medical prescriptions and dosage of the drug is necessary. One of these regulations is a ban on alcohol.

When alcohol penetrates into organic structures, almost all systems begin to work with serious overloads.

Cardiovascular functions suffer greatly, which can be manifested:


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  • Noticeable delay in the body of water;
  • Sharp pressure jumps;
  • Significant expansion of blood channels;
  • Development of low-dose blood vessels, increased blood flow to the organs of this area.

Alcohol dilates the vessels of the extremities, which is very dangerous with the already existing varicose veins. In addition, alcohol provokes the appearance of edema, which leads to excessive weight and, accordingly, excessive stress on vascular structures of the low-tidal region and limbs.

As a result, circulatory venous disorders occur, the elasticity of the vascular beds is significantly reduced. That is why alcohol, even in small doses, is strictly forbidden for patients with venous pathologies. If you take alcohol in conjunction with Detralex, the therapeutic effect of the tablets will be leveled, but the pathological processes may begin to progress.

Possible consequences of

As a result of interaction Detralex with alcohol may appear or become more pronounced adverse reactions such as:

  • GIT disorders in the form of nausea and vomiting syndrome, diarrhea, discomfort in the stomach.
  • Allergic manifestations such as rash, hives, itching discomfort.
  • Neurological disorders in the form of headaches, dizziness, tendency to fainting, etc.

Experts note that it is not so much dangerous interaction of alcohol with Detralex, how much influence of alcohol directly on the course of pathologies, under which the drug is traditionally prescribed. After all, it has been repeatedly proven that with pathologies of venous-vascular origin, the reception of alcoholic products provokes the progression of pathological processes and negates therapy by Detralex. Therefore, in this situation, the greatest therapeutic value is the effect of alcohol on the disease itself, and not on the drug with which it is treated.

Rules for taking

For the most pronounced effect, Detralex is recommended to drink during the day and evening after meals. A more specific scheme is determined by the doctor in accordance with the cause of the therapy. The drug is recommended to be washed down with plenty of water. In addition to treatment by Detralex, patients should avoid long "on the legs", which provokes venous stasis, and fight excess weight, as well as exclude the use of hot drinks.

In this case, the question of how much alcohol can be consumed after Detralex can not be considered, because patients with venous problems are not allowed to drink alcohol in any quantities before or after treatment. However, if it so happens that alcohol is still drunk, then the tablets can be taken hours after 5-6 afterwards. If the question is about the use of the hot, then after the pills it can be taken through a similar time interval. However, in order to avoid complications of pathology, it is better to avoid such weaknesses.


As a conclusion, we will summarize the information. There are no direct contraindications regarding the combination of Detralex tablets with hot drinks, however, alcohol is very dangerous for patients with pathologies in which the reception of this venotonic is indicated. Therefore, a contraindication regarding alcohol takes place in terms of combining with the existing pathology, which is treated with the help of Detralex. Take the pill after alcohol or, conversely, alcohol after Detralex can be after 5-6 hours.

Meanwhile, pathological processes are aggravated and actively progressing, treatment is rendered useless, in which patients blame the doctor. Although the true causes are often caused by unhealthy lifestyles and non-compliance with medical recommendations.

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