Grandaxin with alcohol: compatibility and interaction, consequences, reviews

The daytime tranquilizer of the benzodiazepine series Grandaxin treats fear, anxiety, emotional stress. It is used in narcology, surgery, neurology, gynecology.

Properties of Grandaxin

Grandaxin, a tranquilizer, anxiolytic drug, refers to benzodiazepines. The active ingredient is tofizopam, auxiliary - lactose, starch, gelatin.

The drug is used to treat autonomic disorders of the nervous system. It does not, in contrast to other tranquilizers of benzodiazepine series, have a pronounced sedative effect, which makes it possible to use it in the daytime.

Grandaxin is used for the treatment of withdrawal symptoms. The absence of a sedative effect makes it possible to assign it a day to neutralize tension, attacks of fear, panic attacks.

The reception of grandaxin in the treatment of withdrawal removes hand trembling, restores coordination, a sense of balance.


The drug does not accumulate in the body. Absorption occurs within 2 hours, during which the concentration of the drug reaches its maximum value, metabolizes it in the liver. The elimination half-life is 8 hours.


Grandaxin is prescribed for such diseases:

  • Neuroses, obsessive states;
  • vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • mild depression;
  • menopause syndrome, PMS;
  • cardialgia;
  • alcoholism;
  • myopathy, muscular atrophy.

Side effects of

The medicine acts on the digestive system, contributing to the appearance of jaundice, constipation, flatulence, impaired appetite.


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The action on the nervous system is manifested by insomnia, a headache. On the part of the musculoskeletal system, overstrain, pain in the muscles is possible. Taking Grandaxin can cause allergies. In case of an overdose, the patient develops confusion, an epileptic seizure, a coma is possible.

On the principle of the action of the drug Grandaxin:

Interaction with alcohol

Grandaxin does not enhance the effects of alcohol, does not lead to the appearance of psychophysical dependence, does not cause withdrawal syndrome.

But the simultaneous intake of alcohol and grandaxin makes the liver work in a strengthened mode, which can provoke hepatitis.

Drunk in the morning after taking ethanol, "to improve health," Grandaxin, causes an upset, confusion, increases the duration of a hangover.

Ethyl alcohol has a diuretic effect and, when compatible with any medicine, affects its concentration in the blood plasma, enhancing the excretion of fluid in the urine.

On the other hand, alcohol inhibits the metabolism of grandaxin in the liver. This leads to an unpredictable change in the concentration of the drug. And for tranquilizers, the slightest change in dosage can be crucial, causing an undesirable reaction that is dangerous to the patient's condition.

Possible consequences of

The dangerous consequences of the simultaneous administration of grandaxine and ethanol include the occurrence of suicidal thoughts, depression, and sudden mood changes. In fact, this is the answer to the question whether it is possible to drink a drug with alcohol.

A severe consequence of the combination of alcohol and a tranquilizer may be progressive liver damage, especially if you take this cocktail constantly.

Although the active ingredient tofizopam refers to the safest tranquilizer, and the instruction indicates its relative safety when combined with alcohol, they should not be taken together.

Alcohol negates the entire previous treatment process, adversely affects the patient's condition.

Rules for taking

It is not recommended to drink alcohol when treating with Grandaxin. Between reception of a preparation and the use of ethyl spirit should pass not less than 8 hours. This time interval corresponds to the half-life of the drug, the time when the dose of the drug is reduced by half, does not reach the therapeutic concentration, but is not yet excreted from the body completely.


Calming drug Grandaxin can not be taken concomitantly with alcohol, they are not compatible. According to practitioners, the combination of these psychoactive compounds can cause complications, stop breathing.

Strengthening side effects when taking Grandaxin with alcohol-containing beverages is noted in people suffering from liver disease, kidney problems, mental development disorders, in old age.

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