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To eliminate most of the manifestations of skin diseases such as dermatoses, eczema and dermatitis, an effective and easy-to-use wide-spectrum drug, Cutivit, is now available, with a composition that provides minimal adverse events and rapid improvement even in advanced stages of skin diseases. The composition of the drug is balanced, the effectiveness is provided by the accompanying components: the percentage of them determines the manifestation of the rapid effect of the remedy even in particularly advanced stages of dermatological lesions.

With a high degree of effectiveness, the drug Kutiveyt eliminates such manifestations of dermatitis as burning of the skin, its itching, inflammation and swelling. Stimulating the processes of regeneration of skin cells, the drug is easy to use and has a lot of positive feedback from those who have already tried it. Offered in several dosage forms, Kutiveyt has affordable cost and is offered in most of the city's pharmacies. In this article, the instructions for use and the price of Ointment( cream) Kutiveyt, its analogs and reviews about it are reviewed.

Features of the preparation

Due to the well-thought-out composition, Kutiveyt eliminates the most obvious manifestations of skin diseases. Neutralizing the pathogenic microflora, its active components stimulate the regeneration of skin cells without exacerbating the current process and eliminating the soreness and hypersensitivity of the skin. Kutiveyt is a representative of the class of synthetic glucocorticosteroids, which have a pronounced effect on inflammatory dermatological processes, removing the main symptoms and reducing itching, burning of the skin.

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Composition of Quitoit

Active substance of the preparation is flutiazone propionate, the remaining components are concomitant and reinforcing the main qualities of the active substance. Additional ingredients include:

  • liquid paraffin;
  • purified water;
  • propylene glycol;
  • microcrystalline wax.

Kutiveyt today can be found in almost every pharmacy, the choice of the dosage form of the product increases the degree of convenience of using it. The doctor-dermatologist determines the system of therapeutic effect, but it should be borne in mind that the duration of use of the drug should be limited due to the activity of the main active component of Kutiveyt.

Dosage forms and prices

Today there are two dosage forms of Kutiveyt, each of which has the properties to stop inflammatory processes on the surface and deeper layers of the skin, to eliminate the manifestations of dermatitis and eczema.

Pharmacies offer the following types of preparation of Kutiveyt:

  1. Ointment Kutiveit , which has a pronounced white or light yellow color, which has a uniform consistency. The composition of the ointment is determined by a somewhat larger content of the active substance, which is why it is recommended for the treatment of the most neglected stages of skin diseases. The ointment is sold as an aluminum tube with a volume of 15 ml, the tube is packed in a cardboard box with instructions inside. The cost of this form of Kutiveyt may range from 390 to 450 rukes per package.
  2. Gel Kutiveit with a softer consistency, a greater water content provides easier absorption into the skin, because it is in the form of a cream, Kutiveyt is recommended when it is necessary to handle the most sensitive areas. The color of the cream is pure white, there is practically no smell. The cost of the cream of Kutiveyt at different sellers varies from 210 to 310 rubles per tube: the cream in aluminum tubes with the volume of 15 ml is on sale.

Used only externally in any form of its dosage form, Kutiveyt quickly penetrates the upper layer of the epidermis and affects the manifestations of the disease by eliminating inflammation and itching of the skin.

On whether hormonal or not cream Kutiveyt, as well as its pharmacodynamics we will talk further.

Pharmacological action of

Kutiveyt is excreted among drugs with a similar medicinal effect with a high degree of efficiency, which is due to the good reactivity of the active substance and the balance of the formulation. Stopping the processes of inflammation in the absence of negative effects on healthy skin areas is ensured by careful treatment of the skin and the speed of the active substance in the presence of concomitant components.

Having a pronounced vasoconstrictive effect, the active component of the agent under consideration provides a reduction in pain, eliminates the initial stages of inflammatory processes on the skin and stops long-term inflammation.


The effects of this drug in most skin lesions are manifested in stopping the acute phase of the disease and reducing the characteristic manifestations in chronic course. Dermatological agent Kutiveyt is absorbed by the skin, and due to rapid penetration it has a restoring effect even on particularly affected areas of the skin. Accuracy requires the application of funds to deep skin folds due to increased sensitivity in these areas.


Because the active substance is characterized by increased activity, the use of the drug gives the most pronounced results when applied to sensitive areas of the skin( for example, on the face, inner thighs).After the end of the application, the constituent components are removed for a short time by the kidneys.

Due to the high efficacy and the ratio of the drug to the group of synthetic glucocorticosteroids, Flucinar should be applied in short courses after a break, which should be at least two weeks. Duration of treatment should be appointed by the attending physician-dermatologist, taking into account the peculiarities of the patient's organism and the specificity of the current disease.


Use of the drug Kutiveyt in any dosage form can be recommended with numerous skin lesions, with complex treatment it manifests itself to a greater extent.

Indications for use in Kutiveyt include the following conditions:

  • Dermatoses of various nature,
  • Eczema and erythema;
  • Pink and flat lichen;
  • Pink acne;
  • Psoriasis manifestations.

Insect bites, accompanied by burning and itching of the skin, are also well neutralized by the use of Kutiveyt, and with relapses of chronic skin diseases the condition of the patient is greatly improved.

Instruction for use

The method of using the product is determined by the attending physician-dermatologist, the duration of treatment is the features of the course of the underlying disease. Kutiveyt should be applied to the affected areas of the skin with a thin layer, not rubbing. In places with increased sensitivity ointment or gel are applied with extreme caution, this also applies to elderly people, whose skin in deep folds is especially thin and becomes very sensitive.

Apply the drug to the affected areas 1-2 times a day, but with a significant sensitivity of the skin to the components of the drug, it will be enough to use it once. A fixative dressing is not required when using a remedy.


Contraindications for use include increased sensitivity to components, increased symptoms of the underlying disease. Up to six months, the use of the drug is not recommended for children. Pregnant women can use it with great care.

Contraindications also include the following conditions:

  • pink and regular acne;
  • hyperkeratosis of the skin;
  • thinning of the skin;
  • fungal lesions;
  • viral infections.

Side effects of

If excessively prolonged use of the drug may begin to hair loss, you may have acne on the skin. Therefore, the duration of treatment and duration of treatment with the help of Kutiveyt is limited to two weeks.

Special instructions

Special instructions include the use of Kutiveyt during pregnancy and during lactation: women in the situation should use it with increased caution and with any manifestations of an allergic reaction, exclude the drug, replacing the analog.

Interaction with other medications

Kutiweit has proven itself in complex treatment, which allows you to temporarily replace it with similar drugs. Also, for allergic causes of skin lesions, the use of antihistamines provides a more complete elimination of the main symptoms of the lesion.


Positive feedback from those who have already used this tool indicate a high degree of efficiency and the ability to easily use it. Two dosage forms allow you to choose one that will be most convenient to use and bring a greater result.

Many people note a high degree of absorbency of the drug, and the lack of the need for frequent use during the day with a significant improvement in the general condition of the skin adds convenience when using Kutiveyt.

For cheap and expensive counterparts in Kutiveyt, read below.


To analogues should be attributed cream Acriderm, Lokoid, Flucinar, Celestoderm.

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