Zovirax from herpes: instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

As for the new generation of antiviral drugs, Zovirax has a particular activity in relation to the herpes virus, both oral and genital. Due to the unique composition, the effectiveness of the drug can be called the maximum, while the absence of a pronounced negative effect on the organism makes it possible to attribute Zovirax to drugs that can be used by all age groups of the population and without the risk of side effects.

And this article will tell you about the instructions for the use and price of ointments and Zovirax tablets, their analogs and reviews of the drug.

Features of the preparation

Active substance in the virostatic preparation Zovirax is acyclovir, which is a synthetic analogue of guanine. This natural substance, when it enters the cytoplasm of the cell, acquires activity against herpes viruses, which explains the high efficiency of all preparations containing this component in the treatment of all herpes varieties.

Pro forms and prices for ointment from herpes Zovirax learn below.

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Dosage forms

On sale today you can see several varieties of Zovirax. All of them are similar in composition, the active substance in them is acyclovir. Designed to combat the herpes virus of various forms, all varieties of the drug can quickly eliminate the manifestations of the disease, while the high efficiency of its use indicates the most balanced composition.

A small number of side effects when using Zovirax, as evidenced by the testimonials of customers, indicate the possibility of using it for the most part of the population. This is due to the high selectivity of the active substance, which affects only the cells of the virus, neutralizing it and preventing its active reproduction.

There are the following forms of this antiviral drug:

  • ophthalmic ointment( 35th);
  • tableted version of the drug( tablets 200 mg);
  • cream-ointment Zovirax, used for external use) 5%);
  • lyophilate, intended for the preparation of diffusions( ampoules for injections).

The cost of this drug is relatively low, which also provides a constant demand for it. The price depending on the pharmacy can range from 191 rubles to 280 rubles per package.

Composition of Zovirax

Representing a synthetic analogue of a purine nucleoside, Zovirax has the ability to inhibit any type of herpes viruses. The acyclovir, which is the active substance of this drug, has no toxic effect on the cells of tissues and organs, since it is not an appropriate substrate for thymidine kinase( enzyme) of virus-uninfected cells. The blocking effect of the drug on the virus in infected cells stops the process of their active reproduction, preventing further spreading of the disease.

Since the form of release of the antiviral agent in question may be different, the composition may also vary according to the form of its release.

The composition of the drug( 1000 mg of Zoviraks cream) includes the following substances:

  • acyclovir( active substance) - 50 mg;
  • liquid paraffin;
  • purified water;
  • propylene glycol;
  • white soft paraffin;
  • macrogol stearate;
  • cetostearyl alcohol;
  • dimethicone.

The composition of ointment intended for eye treatment( 1000 mg) includes the following components:

  • acyclovir - 45 mg;
  • as an auxiliary substance is favored by white petrolatum.

Zovirax tablets include the following components:

  • active ingredient acyclovir-185 mg;
  • additional components, which include microcrystalline cellulose, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, sodium starch glycolate.

The formulation for the solution for infusion also contains the active substance aciclovir( 250 mg) and sodium hydroxide as an auxiliary element.

Pharmacological action of

The degree of exposure of any drug directly depends on the selective activity of the active substance, and Zovirax is one of the modern drugs that affects exactly the cells affected by the virus, as well as the virus itself.


The specificity of the drug in question is also a rapid effect on the virus due to the rapid absorption of cells by the tissues of the body. In this case, the highest concentration of active substance was noted in the cerebrospinal fluid( more than 50% of the plasma concentration of acyclovir).

With the blood and plasma cells, the drug binds to 15-18%, which is also quite a lot to provide therapeutic effects.


The excretion of the decay products of the drug is carried out mainly with the help of kidneys. In this case, most of it is excreted unchanged. Partially, the active substance is absorbed from the intestine.

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Most widely the drug shows its activity when applying it for problems in dermatology. Skin lesions are particularly effective at acyclovir in the presence of the herpes virus.

The most frequently used diseases of Zovraks include:

  • skin infections of the herpes simplex virus of the first and second type, including genital herpes;
  • of the mucosal lesion upon activation of the herpes virus;
  • preventive measures to prevent the recurrence of herpes;
  • treatment procedures for the occurrence of chicken pox;
  • for bone marrow transplantation to prevent complications;
  • for cerebral encephalitis;
  • for purulent meningitis;
  • in the unfolded picture of immunodeficiency.

In the treatment of skin keratitis, Zovirax has established itself as the most potent substance with a minimum of negative manifestations and side effects.

Instruction for use

For each form of this preparation, detailed instructions are included to enable the most correct use of the product. General recommendations in the use of the drug should be considered the need for a full course of treatment, after which a break is made and even if there is a marked improvement in the course of treatment, repeat. This is necessary to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

Cream for external use

The cream should be applied to the affected, previously cleaned surface. In case of skin lesions, the preparation should also be applied to adjacent mucous membranes.

To prevent re-infection, the product should be applied with a cotton swab or with disposable gloves. The cream should be applied 4-5 times a day. Long-term treatment is depending on the condition of the affected skin for 5 days. Then a break is made( not less than 7 days), then the course of treatment is repeated.

Eye Ointment

For the treatment of conjunctivitis, the ointment is applied in the form of a strip of at least 1 cm in length, which is superimposed on the affected area. Use ointment should be 3-4 days. After the complete cessation of the inflammatory process, the use of the ointment should be continued for three days.

Solution for injection

This solution is used for intramuscular injections only as directed by a physician. Adult patients with the occurrence of diseases caused by the multiplication of viruses Varicella zoster and Herpes simplex, prescribed a drug in the form of injections every 8 hours. The size of the dose is determined by the type of disease and the degree of its development.

In the treatment of children under 12 years of age, the dose of the drug is calculated according to the weight of their body. In pregnancy, Zovirax can also be used only under medical supervision.

Tablet drug

Zovirax in the form of tablets is used to treat kidney failure, with immunodeficiency, with skin diseases caused by the herpes virus and Varicella zoster, as well as Herpes simplex. Tablets should not be chewed, swallowed, washed down with plenty of water. For children, doses amounting to 1/3 of the adult's dose are used.


Contraindications include excessive sensitivity to both the drug as a whole and its active substance. When allergic manifestations of the drug is canceled.

Side effects of

Side effects of the drug may occur when using it in childhood, during pregnancy and with increased sensitivity to the active substance. The following side effects may occur when taking Zovirax:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • dizziness, down to fainting;
  • confusion and hallucinations;
  • psychosis;
  • insomnia;
  • nervous overexcitation.

However, listed side effects when taking Zovirax are not common.

Special instructions

  • Pregnancy requires a neat attitude to the health of women and the fetus. Therefore, during pregnancy, the drug, although it can be prescribed with appropriate indications, but its use is carried out under the supervision of the attending physician.
  • During , breast-feeding can enter the breast milk, and the child also receives a certain dose of the active substance( not more than 0.03%).For this reason, the appointment of Zovirax during lactation should be administered with extreme caution.
  • No adverse events were noted with with with drugs.
  • It is undesirable to use it with alcohol , like Acyclovir.


  • According to customers, the drug Zovirax should be attributed particularly active to the herpes virus.
  • It proved to be excellent when used in the fight against the manifestations of the late stage of immunodeficiency, with renal failure, to prevent the appearance of tissue rejection during bone marrow transplantation.
  • In the treatment of skin lesions it is Zovirax, according to the opinion of most buyers, has the greatest effect.
  • Since this drug can be used when prescribed by a doctor in childhood, it is good for skin diseases and active propagation of the herpes virus in children.
  • Pregnancy is also not a contraindication to the use of Zovirax, because buyers also noted as a positive quality the possibility of the drug during child bearing.

About cheap analogues of Zoviraks we'll talk at last.


For medicines that have a similar manifestation of action and are good at coping with diseases caused by the herpes virus, include:

  1. Lizavir;
  2. Cyclovax;
  3. Provirsan;
  4. Vero Acyclovir;
  5. Cytivir.

An age-old debate on what is best, zovirax or acyclovir is sharpened both between patients and between doctors. There is no single answer.

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