Gentaksan: instructions for use, price, reviews, analogs, composition

Modern antibacterial drugs have unique qualities in combating bacterial infections, preventing their development and active reproduction and preventing the occurrence of many negative health effects when they become more active. And among the most effective agents with prolonged exposure time, Gentaksan, which has a pronounced effect against numerous bacterial infections, has a minimal amount of side effects and is at the same time quite affordable.

Considering Gentaksan as a means that can be used not only in mono-exposure, but also in the complex treatment of many diseases of bacterial nature, it is necessary to understand the nature of its effects on the body, the reasons for the high degree of activity of exposure and good feedback from those who have already used it. Modern and balanced, Gentaksan has proven itself in eliminating both the manifestations of bacterial lesions of the organism and the causes that caused this condition.

Features of the preparation

Actively reducing the concentration of bacteria of many species in wounds by 2-3 days from the moment of its use, Gentaksan eliminates inflammation, reduces soreness and helps to start regenerative processes in places of damage.

Easy to use, it does not cause addiction to the body, maintaining a natural balance and not changing the microflora in the digestive tract for the worse. This causes a small number of possible negative effects of the drug even for a long time.

However, to obtain the expected result, it is recommended to apply it exclusively according to the instructions and recommendations of the attending physician who, after carrying out the examination of the patient's body, will be able to make the most effective variant of the effects without probable negative consequences. Modern studies of the effect of Gentaxan on various types of bacterial lesions have made it possible to establish the possibility of its appointment in conditions of a low level of immunity of the organism, in the presence of concomitant lesions, which complicate the process of recovery.

Dosage forms

On sale today are the three most common dosage forms of the drug in question. This vaccine, powder and powder, with each type of drug has a high degree of effectiveness, can be used even with advanced forms of bacterial diseases and copes well with most external manifestations of infections. Influence on the root cause of bacteriological diseases allows you to quickly achieve a health-improving effect, relieve soreness and thus does not cause the body to become addicted to the active component of the remedy.

Used for external use, the listed varieties of Gentaxan have a pronounced regenerative effect, restoring the skin after mechanical and bacterial exposure to them. Use of the drug for a period of time determined by the attending physician, allows not only to eliminate external manifestations of the disease, but also to prevent its possible relapses. This can be achieved also with a complex effect on the injury sites, as well as with the parallel use of vitamin preparations, which greatly enhance the body's resistance to negative external influences, the body's immunity.

  • Powder Gentaxan has a white or light yellow color, is highly soluble in water, has virtually no odor, or a mildly pronounced drug odor. The powder is packaged in cardboard packages.
  • Powder has a finer consistency, it also dissolves easily in water, is easily absorbed by the upper layer of the epidermis.
  • The vaccine is presented as a solution of the active substance, it should be used as directed by the doctor and in the presence of a pronounced pathological process on the skin and adjacent tissues.

All types of medicines in the package have detailed instructions that allow you to preliminarily study the features of the formulation, the possibilities for its use and possible negative side effects with increased sensitivity of the organism to the constituent components of the drug.

Composition of Gentacasan

The active substance of the drug in any of its dosage forms is aminoglycoside gentamycin sulfate, which quickly disinfects damaged surfaces, eliminating signs of inflammation of the skin, stimulating regenerative processes. Its content in different types of preparation is approximately the same, however, to increase the degree of action in case of significant areas of damage or when the pathological process is neglected, it is recommended, according to the reviews of those who have already used Gentaksan, to apply a vaccine that quickly penetrates even the smallest cracks in the skin and minorscratch.

Additional components of the preparation include the following substances:

  • zinc;
  • tryptophan;
  • is silicon organic.


The value indicator is important for the buyer, since it largely determines the possibilities of its acquisition. The price of Gentaxan, all of its dosage forms, is considered one of the most available today among drugs with antibacterial agents for external use.

It ranges from 250 to 650 rubles per package, depending on the type of dosage form, the amount of substance in the package and the price policy of the seller.

Pharmacological action of

The composition of the drug determines the degree of its effectiveness. Modern and thoughtful, Gentaksan perfectly copes with most of the manifestations of bacteriological lesions that occur most often in case of infection of wounds of different origin, with bedsores in case of diseases with the need for bed rest, with burns of different degrees, and also in case of extensive purulent inflammationswith a probability of formation in the sites of healing of colloid scars.

The listed pathological states when exposed to the treatment of the active substance of any drug form of Gentaksan rapidly reduce the level of its activity, the bacterial component reduces manifestations, and damaged tissues acquire a greater degree of regeneration. The combination of regenerative qualities and a good indicator of stopping inflammation on the skin in places of her injuries makes it possible to prescribe this drug in the treatment of erysipelas of the skin, while preparing the skin for its transplantation.


A feature of this preparation should be considered its ability to destroy the membranes and membranes of bactericidal cells, providing a sharp disruption of all processes inside the bacteriological cell. Possessing a high degree of activity, the active substance of any dosage form of the agent copes with the advanced stages of skin lesions. Used for external application, they perfectly cope with purulent lesions, reducing the activity of bacteriological microflora on the skin.

A significant reduction( almost to a minimum) of the number of pathogenic microorganisms in the wound occurs already within 11-14 hours from the moment the drug is applied to the damaged surface. Excellent evaluation of the drug was obtained in the treatment of purulent lesions, since all of them are determined by the significant and active formation of new cells of a pathogenic nature, reducing the resistance of the organism, reducing the manifestations of the action of immune cells. And the active substance of the drug under consideration allows to accelerate the process of stabilization of skin cells in the places of its damage, stimulating the regenerative process.


The process of disintegration of the drug into its constituent components takes place within 2-3 days from the moment of its application to the damaged surfaces. Even with significant areas of damage, a significant decrease in the activity of pathogenic microflora is noted, inflammatory manifestations in wounds of various origin are eliminated.

Removal of decay products is carried out with the help of kidneys, most of the liquid form of the drug is excreted in the urine. The kidneys do not feel excessive negative influence at the expense of absence of sharply negative influence even high concentration of an active component on their tissues.


Indications for the use of all varieties of Gentaxan should be considered damage to the upper layer of the epidermis, accompanied by the release of purulent masses, bacteriological microflora in places of injury. Possessing a pronounced anti-infectious nature, this preparation perfectly copes with manifestations of active reproduction of pathogenic microflora, eliminating both the manifestations of the current pathological process and the underlying causes that caused them.

The indications for the use of Gentaxan include the following skin and epidermal conditions:

  • trophic ulcers, which are often formed on the surface of the skin with varicose veins on the lower limbs;
  • burns of different intensity and nature of occurrence - solar, thermal;
  • decubitus with prolonged persistent lying position and lack of movement;
  • skin lesions and pronounced regenerative processes in the skin that occur against the background of immunodeficiency, developing diabetes mellitus, with radiation sickness;
  • after surgery to prevent the formation of keloid scars on the skin;
  • purulent processes in the epidermis, formed on a large area of ​​the skin.

To the listed indications to application it is possible to carry also suppurations, phlegmon, purulent abscesses. These skin lesions also respond well to Gentaxan in a different dosage form.

Instruction for use

Gentaxan has shown excellent results in the treatment of a variety of skin lesions, but the most pronounced results can be obtained both in its complex use and at the beginning of treatment with the initial stages of pathological processes in the skin. Early diagnosis of inflammatory processes and degenerative changes allows us to begin the curative effect with the use of the drug in question for external use, obtaining maximum positive results in the shortest possible time.

Detailed application instructions for the preparation make it possible to make the most effective treatment regimen, avoiding the occurrence of side effects and negative skin reactions, even if it tends to allergic manifestations. In each specific case, depending on the diagnosis, the physician advises on the use of Gentaxan, indicating both the dosage of the drug and the duration of its use.

The most common recommendations for the use of this external agent should be considered mandatory preliminary diagnosis of skin lesions to avoid negative manifestations, which is especially important with increased sensitivity of the skin. After this, before the beginning of each application, the damaged area of ​​the skin should be thoroughly cleaned, then apply a selected version of the preparation with a thin layer. Rubbing it is not recommended to prevent additional negative impact on the wound.

The drug is left for effect, to increase the degree of effectiveness, a fixing bandage should be applied, which is replaced after 3-6 hours, depending on the presence and amount of purulent contents and absorbency of the preparation. Duration of use may vary significantly, however, on average, the amount of time the product is used is 5-15 days. Depending on the age and health of the patient, the following differences in the specific application of the drug may occur:

  • for adults;
  • for children and newborns;
  • during pregnancy and during lactation.


For adults, the dosage of Gentaxan in the form of powder and powder is 2-5 applications within days. Duration of use determines the effectiveness of the effect of the chosen dosage form and can be 5-15 days.

In case of any allergic manifestations and an increase in existing symptoms, the use of Gentaxan should be temporarily suspended or replaced with an external agent with a similar mechanism of action.

For Babies and Newborns

During the newborn period, Gentaksan is not recommended for use because of its excessive activity against the increased sensitivity of the baby's skin. Use of this tool is recommended from the age of 8 years. At the same time, the doctor's control over the results of treatment is mandatory.

The combined use of this drug in childhood also gives the most pronounced positive results. Parallel reception of multivitamin complexes allows to keep effect from the spent treatment, and also to prevent the possibility of relapses of the disease.

During pregnancy and lactation

During the period of gestation the child did not notice the negative effects of Gentaxan in any of its dosage forms. This is due to the balanced formula of the drug, the balance of its composition. Good parameters of treatment are also explained by the possibility of parallel application of other drugs that stabilize the patient's condition and stimulate the most rapid elimination of the most characteristic manifestations of the disease.

In this case there is practically no evidence of accumulation of active substance in the body, its ability to penetrate the placenta into the fetus and into breast milk, which does not cause allergic manifestations during lactation.


Contraindications include the increased sensitivity of the skin to the components of the drug in question, as well as the tendency to allergic reactions: with the aggravation of the existing symptoms, the likelihood of a more serious course of the disease is high, therefore, any type of drug should be discarded.

Side effects of

In case of skin hypersensitivity, the following side effects of the drug are likely to occur:

  • appearance of areas with increased pigmentation;
  • appearance of rashes;
  • increase in skin temperature in the areas of its destruction;
  • contact dermatitis;
  • itching and burning of the areas on which the drug was applied.

The listed manifestations should be considered the most frequent adverse events with the use of Gentaxan.

Special instructions

The use of the drug requires increased accuracy of use with an increased tendency to allergic manifestations, in the presence of excessive sensitivity to the components of the drug.

Interactions with other drugs and alcohol

With the combined use of any dosage form of Gentaxan with other agents, there has been no decrease in the effectiveness of either Gentaxan itself or the agents that are used with it.


Many patients have a high degree of effectiveness of the antibacterial agent under consideration, along with a minimal amount of side effects when used. The possibility of applying the drug in the form of powder on the wounds, which are complex in the treatment with the vaccine and other types of the drug, allows to achieve the fastest positive results of treatment.

The cost of the product was also well received: its availability made Gentaksan one of the most popular antibacterial agents of a wide spectrum of action.


Levosin, Fastin and Trofodermine are topical preparations with a similar effect, which is also active substance with gentamicin sulfate.

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