Papula: the causes of appearance, diagnosis, classification, methods of treatment

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Ideally clean skin is not everyone. At some it from a birth pure, smooth, without any defects. Others need to constantly strive to obtain the ideal skin( proper care, balanced nutrition).Sometimes the dermis is covered with rashes, which can be eliminated only with the help of a qualified dermatologist. One of these rashes is the papule.

What is the papule

Papula is a rash that can occur on the dermis, mucous membranes. When you get one pimple, do not worry too much. But when a lot of acne is formed, it not only causes discomfort, but also causes emotional stress.

The papule is a bubble that has a diameter of 1 to 3 mm. This bubble is sharply outlined, dense. It is slightly elevated above the dermis. Papules on the dermis are similar to dense nodules, which are similar to small balls that appeared on the surface of the dermis. These suppurative pimples are usually accompanied by swelling, suppuration of the dermis.

When pressure is applied to the papule, its color changes. It becomes not so red, but rather pink, pale color. On the formation there is no visible white inflamed head( as on a pustule).Most often, the formation of these acne comes from comedones( closed).If the papule was formed from an open comedone, you can see a dark cork, an enlarged estuary of the hair follicle.

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A papular rash can leave cosmetic defects on the dermis( scars).But this is usually the case with severe rash.

How the spots-papules on the skin look( photo)


Papules can have different colors:

  • red;
  • pink;
  • purple;
  • is brown.

These formulations can be of two kinds:

  • is inflammatory;
  • is not inflammatory.

Also the papules differ in form:

  • are oval;
  • are round;
  • are polygonal.

Papules are divided according to localization:

  • surface .This type of rash is localized inside the epidermis, on the upper layers of the dermis. Papules can be slightly painful or generally painless. The size of the neoplasm is insignificant( 1 - 5 mm).Their color is within the pink - bright red;
  • deep .They are also called nodes. They are located throughout the thickness of the dermis. Their diameter is more than 5 mm, the color red is cyanotic-purple. When palpation pain is felt. After their healing, scars remain( atrophic, hypertrophic, keloid can also appear);
  • cysts .If the inflammatory infiltrate is present for a long time in the deep tissues, there is no complete evacuation of its contents, a scar capsule may be formed due to compression of surrounding tissues. It contains pus / sebum. This education specialists call cyst.

Pamphlets in women after biorevitalization ( photo)

How to identify a symptom in yourself

Usually, the diagnosis of papules is to be examined by a specialist( dermatologist).The only problem is that papules can be similar to the symptom of another derma disease. Therefore, differential diagnostics is necessary.

  • So, from a condyloma the papule differs appearance.
  • From the defeat of molluscum contagiosum the papule differs appearance after pressing. If you press on the tumor, a small trace appears, there may be a little bit of curd mass.

Sometimes, to make an accurate diagnosis, the doctor recommends that the patient undergo histological examination of the tissues.

Papules are usually identified by such signs:

  • thin dermis;
  • presence of blood vessels on the papule;
  • presence of fibroblast cells inside the papule;
  • is a lot of fibrous tissue.

More about what a papule is, this video will tell:

What kind of violations it can testify

Usually the formation of papules is a consequence of the immune response to any inflammation. If clogging of the pores occurs, sebum begins to accumulate inside the ducts of the sebaceous gland, the hair follicle. In this case, the walls of the pore stretch, micro-cysts appear.

When the cyst wall breaks, its contents are released into surrounding tissues. The rupture of the wall of the cyst occurs independently or under the influence of different mechanical factors( mechanical cleaning in the cosmetic salon, an attempt to squeeze out the pimple yourself, by feeling the face).When the contents of the cyst hit the surrounding tissues, an immune reaction( aseptic inflammation) occurs, which causes the papule to appear.

Photo of a papule in a child

How to deal with such a sign

Papula causes pain, and its resolution provokes the appearance of a cosmetic defect. Scars, especially in the face area, cause discomfort, significantly reduce a person's self-esteem. Therefore, the treatment of papules should be done in a timely manner, under the guidance of an experienced dermatologist.

Many experts recommend lubricating the inflamed area with iodine solution. This procedure should be carried out several times a day. You need to be very careful when doing iodine treatment, because the skin is very sensitive. Excess of the number of recommended procedures can burn the dermis.

To lubricate papules, doctors prescribe such medicines:

  • "Differin".
  • Zinerit.
  • "Baziron".
  • Skinoren.

If the case is very complicated, experts recommend using antibiotics( externally, orally).

To eliminate acne, you need a whole course of therapy. In addition to the right treatment by a specialist, a special diet is also needed. The patient should remove from his diet such products:

  • sweets;
  • coffee;
  • smoked meat.

A special role is given to hygiene. To handle the problematic derma, you need to carefully choose cosmetics. It is better to buy cosmetics for personal hygiene after consulting with a dermatologist. Daily dermis should be treated with such cosmetics:

  • gel for washing;
  • tonic;
  • cream.

In the treatment of papules often use such methods:

  • laser coagulation;
  • cryotherapy;
  • cosmetic removal( surgical method);
  • electrocoagulation.

After any of the above therapy methods, yellow crusts appear on the patient's dermis, lagging behind with time.

Traditional methods in the treatment of papules experts consider ineffective. But many use them. From the recipes of traditional medicine, most often use a remedy made from such ingredients:

  • mummy;
  • honey;
  • aloe juice;
  • sea buckthorn oil.

In any case, treatment should always be coordinated with a dermatologist. So you can soon give the dermis a healthy appearance, prevent the occurrence of cosmetic defects.

In details about pearly papules will tell this video:

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