How to treat hoarseness in the throat and voice disorders: reasons for hoarseness, treatment

The loss of voice can cause serious inconveniences, ranging from the inability to fully work and ending with the inability to conduct a normal dialogue with others. In most cases, the hoarseness passes for a couple of days and the ability to talk returns. However, it also happens that the problem with the voice does not pass within a week. What should I do in this case and to which doctor should I apply?

Throat in the throat of

A whirl is an uncontrolled decrease in the sonority of a voice, which hinders the normal process of speaking. When hoarse, vibrational movements of the vocal cords are violated, which leads to the fact that the voice becomes quiet, husky or muffled.

In the hoarseness, the ligaments are subjected to an extremely heavy load, so a person can only talk in whispers. In some cases, such an opportunity disappears. This phenomenon is called aphonia.

Reasons for

There are two reasons for the appearance of hoarseness - functional and organic. A disorder of a functional

type often occurs due to damage or a negative effect on the ligaments. Organic causes are associated with diseases of an infectious and viral nature.

About the causes of hoarseness and loss of voice in our video:

Throat diseases

Hypothesis in the voice is a very common symptom for many colds. To get rid of it it is possible only under condition, when the illness itself will be eliminated.

The following types of illnesses may be accompanied by loss of voice:

  • laryngitis;
  • angina;
  • influenza.

Diseases of the vocal cords

In more rare cases, hoarseness causes specific diseases of the vocal cords. Independently they can not be diagnosed, so you need a competent diagnosis and examination of the doctor.

The doctor can detect such ailments:

  • Granuloma - a benign formation that occurs due to a trauma to the vocal cords or because of their constant irritation;
  • nodules are proliferations of the benign type that appear due to excessive overload of ligaments;
  • polyps are small, benign lesions that appear as a result of an angioplasty and small hemorrhage of ligaments;
  • spastic dysphonia is an involuntary movement of the vocal cords that result from stressful overloads or overvoltage.

Environmental impact, work in a harmful environment, ecology

hoarseness in voice Environmental factors play an important role in how often a person will get sick and how much his immune system will weaken.

Repeated observations have shown that living in places with unfavorable ecology significantly undermines health, affecting the state of the respiratory system, coughing with sputum, shortness of breath, pain in the chest and lungs.

Such places include cities with large enterprises, mines and factories. Also no less important is the extent to which the city is densely populated and how it is in the situation with the disposal of waste and harmful substances.

Bad habits

Smoking and alcohol abuse can provoke not only hoarseness. Very often, with such harmful habits, a person sits down with time, becoming more husky and low. This phenomenon is caused by a negative effect on the mucosa of the throat, on the vocal cords.

Abuse of a hookah, and also smoking of a vejpov - by analogy provokes deterioration of a status of a voice. When roughening voiced voice rarely restored, even after abandoning bad habits.

Injuries to

It is extremely rare for hoarseness to be caused by mechanical injuries. These include:

  • foreign body damage;
  • tearing ligament due to severe screaming;
  • careless eating of hard and badly chewed food.

After damage to the tissues of the throat, a small cough may appear, and with it hardly noticeable discharge of blood. The hoarse voice appears usually unimportant and passes the next day.

Other reasons for

You do not need to think that hoarseness in your voice is an innocuous phenomenon. If the symptom does not last for several days, then it makes sense to suspect such ailments:

  • inflammation of the epiglottis;
  • benign and malignant tumors.

Also, the voice can sit down after a recent operation, namely after anesthesia.

When you need to urgently go to the doctor

A sharp decrease in the tone of the vocal cords, which leads to a hoarse, very rarely pushes people to visit a doctor. Such actions can not be regarded as correct, because even such an innocuous, at first glance, symptom may indicate a serious disorder.

Visit a doctor is necessary if:

  • hoarseness is accompanied by other symptoms( sore throat, malaise, fever);
  • difficult to swallow and breathe;The
  • hoarseness does not go away for several days;
  • in the throat is felt the presence of a foreign body.

A pulmonologist or otorhinolaryngologist can help to solve the problem.

When to call a doctor

treatment of hoarseness in the throat


After collecting an anamnesis and visual inspection of the patient's mouth, the doctor can prescribe the following diagnostic procedures:

  • a general blood test;
  • biopsy;
  • taking a smear from the throat;
  • ultrasound;
  • esophagoscopy;
  • gastroscopy;
  • spirometry;
  • MRI;
  • computed tomography.

Based on the data received, optimal treatment is prescribed. If within a week the patient does not notice improvements, then the appointment schedule changes.


treatment of hoarseness in children The main goal in the treatment of hoarseness, regardless of the diagnosis is to reduce the burden on the vocal cords. For this, the patient needs to talk as little as possible. You can not go into a whisper, as it doubles the load, which leads to even more hoarseness.

For the general effect of anesthesia, you can use lollipops made on the basis of extracts of medicinal herbs. It should be provided to the patient as much as possible warm to drink - tea with a linden, milk with honey will approach.

Special medicines or tablets are prescribed only by the doctor, taking into account the nature of the disease and the symptoms that accompany it. So, if the ailment is associated with an infection or a virus, then the therapy is focused on the antibiotics and the patient's physical calmness.

If the hoarseness in the voice was provoked by benign tumors, the doctor decides to conduct endoscopy. In the presence of a malignant tumor, a number of additional tests should be performed to be able to perform an operation to remove and carry out chemotherapy.

Recipes and ways that can help

If you are hoarse because of a prolonged cold or after an unforgettable concert, a football match, then you can try to return the voice in some popular and proven ways.

  1. Hot milk with a pinch of turmeric - good for colds;
  2. Eucalyptus inhalations - effective for colds;
  3. Horseradish during the day - helps with accidental loss of voice, as well as those whose voice suffers from industrial emissions;
  4. Warm milk with egg yolk - rinsing with this solution helps to restore the tone of the ligaments after a cold and overexertion.

The main thing in the treatment is not to strain your voice excessively, otherwise the result of therapy will not be felt at all.

Another recipe that will help to quickly restore voice:

Than the state of

is dangerous. The absence of treatment and observation by a competent specialist can provoke a whole series of complications, namely:

  • spread and omission of the infection in the respiratory tract;
  • transition of the disease into a chronic form;
  • degeneration of a benign tumor into a malignant one;
  • appearance of nodules and papillomas on the vocal cords.

Negligence towards the problem can have a very negative impact on both your voice and your health in general.

How to treat a hoarse voice, says Dr. Komarovsky:


Timely diagnosis of the problem and properly prescribed treatment allows you to count on the patient's early recovery. The conscientious conduct of procedures, the correct scheme of taking medications - quickly enough give the first results.


Preventative measures assume the following:

  • avoid overstressing of the vocal cords;
  • disposal of bad habits( primarily from smoking);
  • does not delay the treatment of severe colds;
  • Avoid contact with hazardous vapors, liquids.

The most important thing is that if you see any suspicious symptoms in a child who do not go through the day or two, you need to see a doctor. This will reveal the root of the problem and determine the vector of the struggle.

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