What if the abdomen and diarrhea( liquid stools) often turn?

Intestinal disorders - a very common problem and the accompanying symptoms cause considerable discomfort. The condition, when the abdomen and diarrhea in the patient twists, signals about violations in the work of the digestive tract. Why is this happening and what to do in this case? Often the cause of this condition are food poisoning, the presence of harmful microflora, poor-quality food. All these factors can induce the appearance of a loose stool and a condition when the stomach is unbearably twisted. The fight against these problems should be based on the reasons that provoke them.

The most common cause of this condition is food poisoning. Provoke liquid stool may be a basic failure to comply with hygiene rules and the use of low-quality or spoiled food. Often, such reasons are accompanied by childhood disorders, as the child is less responsible for these issues. If the baby has a stomach twitch and diarrhea started, try to find out which product, possibly provoked the disorder, he could eat. If the symptoms are very clear, you should go to the health center as soon as possible, because a serious degree of poisoning can threaten the child's life.

Twist belly can also after taking certain medications that affect the condition of the intestinal microflora. For example, taking long-course antibiotics can trigger diarrhea and abdominal pain. What to do in this case? You should consult your doctor to adjust the course of treatment.

A particular cause may be intolerance of certain types of food. A common reaction to the use of dairy products is diarrhea, in which the abdomen twists and rumbling is present. What should I do if my child has such a reaction? Unfortunately, this is a very common situation in children, when the children's body responds to diarrhea for taking cow's milk. In this case, it is necessary to exclude this product and all its derivatives from the diet until the negative reaction is completely eliminated. After that, you can try to accustom the body to these products, but if you again turn your stomach and diarrhea begins, you should not take risks.

Also the reason when the stomach often twists and there is diarrhea, there may be various parasites. Their vital activity causes malfunctions in the body and provokes the appearance of loose stools and pains in the abdomen. A signal about the presence of parasitizing forms in the body can serve as the absence of other prerequisites for the disorder. What to do in this case, you need to ask the doctor.

A separate issue is the appearance of such symptoms during pregnancy. If the future mother has a stomach twitch, a loose stool, aching aching pains and bloody discharge are noted, it can signal pathologies in the development of the fetus. In this case, emergency first aid is needed, otherwise there is a high probability of termination of pregnancy. Naturally, all the tests and the cause of possible abnormalities should be done immediately after all the threats to the fetus have been eliminated.

What should I do if my stomach and loose stool twist?

The procedure for these symptoms will differ depending on the cause of the disorder, but the first step with pronounced symptoms should be to contact the doctor. By your own efforts, liquid stools can be eliminated only if its cause is reliably established, and you know exactly what to do. To reduce the intensity of diarrhea and do so that the abdomen ceases to turn, the following actions will help:

  1. Removing from the diet of products, the action of which could provoke diarrhea;
  2. Accurate observance of rules of personal hygiene and heat treatment of food products;
  3. Receiving medications that excrete toxins and work the digestive tract( activated carbon, Mezim, Lineks);
  4. Measures to control parasites that provoke gastric disorders;

These are the most basic measures that will help to eliminate diarrhea, but it is obvious that to do almost all of the above steps is only under the supervision of a specialist.

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