Is it possible to compote with diarrhea?

Diarrhea in patients of any age is dangerous both by very rapid dehydration of the body, and by the loss of necessary salts, trace elements and vitamins, which leads the patient to serious consequences. Especially terrible is the violation of water and electrolyte balance in young children and the elderly. It follows that the first stage of treatment should be the replacement of fluid losses. One of the effective tools used for this purpose during this pathology, will be compote. With diarrhea, it can be prepared from both dried fruit and fresh fruits and berries containing pectin and having an astringent effect.

Many experts recommend drinking apple compote for diarrhea. The pulp of apples contains a large amount of pectin, which is a food sorbent. Also, when cooking dried apples, the decoction passes fiber and vegetable fibers, which improve the digestion process. In the acute phase of indigestion, cooked fruit is not recommended. Their flesh in the mashed form is added to the compote from 2-3 days from the beginning of diarrhea. But fruit broth should be prepared without the addition of sugar. Most often with diarrhea, it is recommended to prepare compote from apples according to the following recipe:

  • For 240 grams of dried fruit, 8 glasses of water are taken;
  • Everything on high heat is brought to a boil, then the temperature is lowered to a minimum and the broth is languishing under the lid for half an hour;
  • After cooling to room temperature, it can be added fructose or 2 tablespoons of honey, which has an additional therapeutic effect for diarrhea. To drink it should be in equal portions throughout the day.

On the question of patients about whether it is possible to use such compote for diarrhea, which consists of several types of fruits, specialists answer that it is recommended for all bowel diseases accompanied by a liquid stool. The effectiveness of prefabricated broths is that they contain a large amount of magnesium and potassium salts necessary to maintain the water-salt balance during diarrhea.

But of all the methods of protecting the body from dehydration that are proven by folk medicine, it is recommended to use compote for diarrhea, which is cooked from raisins. It during the dysfunction of the intestine can be given to drink even the smallest children. To prepare it, a tablespoon of raisins is poured with water and brought to a boil. Take a decoction, which has an enriching effect, during the diarrhea is warm. It has potassium, the most useful element for liquid stool, as well as a large amount of vitamin B.

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