Recovery after diarrhea( diarrhea), how to recover?

Faced with diarrhea, almost all immediately begin to fight it. For this, people use medicines or resort to folk medicine. After a while, diarrhea passes, and most people stop treatment. This is wrong, since it is necessary to carry out a full recovery after diarrhea. After all, the body is exhausted, and the work of the intestine is broken.

In some cases, if diarrhea has been caused by an infectious disease, medications are used, but this is not the best way to restore the intestinal microflora. Most of the medicines exacerbate the situation or cope with its task, but will harm other organs.

It is best if recovery from diarrhea is carried out in a popular way and a good diet. Thus, the body does not get a substance that has a bad effect on the digestive organs. It should be remembered that the restoration of the intestine after diarrhea in one day does not occur, since this is a long procedure, requiring patience.

You can use the folk remedies that will allow to restore the intestinal microflora after diarrhea and the illness that led to it. There is a huge amount of broths and tinctures that will help in this case. You can use any suitable recipe. The following list of recipes will speed up recovery after diarrhea:

  • Decoction from the root of ayr and plantain. A mixture of medicinal herbs in the amount of 2 teaspoons is poured with boiling water. The drug will be ready for use in 30 minutes. Take the broth for 10 days for 20 milliliters, before each meal;
  • Sour berries. Cranberry, dog rose and similar berries can speed up the restoration of the intestines after diarrhea. It is necessary to consume the fruits of these berries within a few days, in reasonable quantities;
  • Pumpkin seeds. They are able to remove the remaining parasites in the body. Take the same number of seeds of pumpkin, sunflower and walnuts, which are ground in a blender.2 tablespoons of the resulting mixture is taken half a cup of boiled water. The medicine is stirred and drunk. The course of treatment is 10 days. For one day you can drink 2 portions of a therapeutic drink.

Since you want to recover quickly after diarrhea quickly, you need to ask for help in addition to folk remedies. Proper nutrition can adjust the body to a stable job. For this, first of all, it is necessary to refuse the following food:

  • Fatty sorts of meat;
  • Products from yeast dough;
  • Fried eggs;
  • Fresh milk;
  • Sweet food;
  • Cabbage and beans;
  • Most of the vegetables and fruits in raw form;
  • Coffee, carbonated and alcoholic drinks.

By eliminating harmful products, you can continue recovery after diarrhea. It is best to include in your diet foods containing bifidobacteria:

  • Sour-milk products;
  • Wash apples;
  • Sauerkraut;
  • Bread kvass.

Do not forget about the product, which can create a favorable environment for beneficial bacteria, which are so few after the disease and diarrhea:

  • Dried fruits;
  • Wheat bran;
  • Onion and garlic;
  • Herbal tea made from currant and raspberry, chamomile and mint;
  • St. John's wort, not only helps to get rid of diarrhea, but also has a beneficial effect on recovery after diarrhea.

Also, when treating and recovering, one should remember simple prevention in order to avoid the re-occurrence of diarrhea. Before eating, you should wash your hands. Do not eat past-due products, even if their shelf life ends only when they are consumed. Wash vegetables and fruits before trying them.

Compliance with these simple rules will allow you to quickly stabilize your body.

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